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Helping People & Businesses Emigrate Overseas

With over 20 years experience working in the complex area of immigration law and international mobility of skilled workers, investors and international corporate structures. We decided to start a boutique immigration company to provide world-class immigration advice at affordable, fixed rates. Offering a wide range of solutions for all our clients, from multi-nationals to private clients alike. 

During our careers delivering immigration solutions, we have lived and work in countries across the globe while providing our legal expertise to a variety of clients, including governments, corporate and private clients. We have been fortunate in our range of work, from designing complex government to citizen immigration controls and bio-metric systems to helping a family emigrate so they could be closer to their loved ones.

Whatever your immigration needs we have the expertise to deliver a solution. Our partners have lived in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, the Philippines, Ireland, South Africa to list just a few, so we understand from first-hand experience what it takes to be a successful migrant.  

Our approach in our role is to provide a personal service and to understand our clients needs fully to ensure we provide a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements.  

Since we started Haskew Law we have grown in size and reputation very quickly. In fact, we never expected to be so popular. Today, over 74% of people who visit our site complete our assessment form and 99% secure the visa of their choice with our help. 

We now have an amazing team, working hard we deliver great results.

We are hard at work from 9- 5 pm Monday to Friday. The rest of the time you will find us playing with our kids and having fun with our families.

Our aim is to continue to deliver assistance to people who need our help for many years to come in the complex and fast-changing field of international immigration laws.

To discover if you are eligible for a visa or want to find more about emigration complete our assessment form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

Investor Services

We have developed a comprehensive range of services to assist those looking to secure residency in another country or citizenship via an investment. These can range from buying a business to investing in government bonds. Whatever your investment plans to secure a visa or a second citizenship our team can assist you.