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Visas and Immigration Advice

The fastest and easiest way to secure your visas. Dynamic tools and advice to guide you in all your visas needs.
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Dealing With Complex Immigration Law

Last year, 400 people emigrated from the UK every day.  We speak to many people who would like to leave the UK or secure a second passport. Our specialised knowledge and global reach make us the ideal professional partners to deliver the solution to meet your needs.

Our multi-national team of lawyers and international mobility experts with a wealth of experience are requested to assist many fellow legal firms, banks, investment experts, recruiters and private clients assist with international solutions.  We build every case around the merits, examining all current laws and opportunities to deliver successful outcomes.

Our unique skills and qualifications are called upon by a wide range of people, families, high net worth clients, international business, entrepreneurs and celebrities to young international students.  We remain passionate about delivering results for our clients.

We take on a wide range of cases, and we are proud of our success rate. We have succeeded in several ground-breaking cases, setting the benchmark for others to follow. We always share any concerns and risks when working to construct a case.

Focus on Employment

For our clients, we secure their status as skilled workers so they are eligible to live and work overseas.  We prepare our clients for their skills evaluation, securing the correct visa and providing introductions to our network of recruiters employment opportunities with their specific field of expertise.

Investing Overseas

From large investments to purchasing a new home. We provide the guidance on your best options for immigration and citizenship. If an option is available we shall find it and explain both the benefits and the risks, our experts assist both personal and business migration issues.

We work to ensure our clients' investments are protected from unnecessary tax claims.

Bringing Families & Couples Together

Most western jurisdictions have provisions to ensure families stay together.  That does not mean, however, that family visas are easily granted, there are often many onerous responsibilities put on the sponsor, and those being sponsored.

We understand these laws and policies, both the benefits and the pitfalls of family sponsorship cases.  Our aim is not only to secure your visa but to minimise future responsibilities, protecting your family from needless incursions.

Securing The Future

There are various immigration and citizenship routes available, each jurisdiction presents varying benefits and limitations. Our duty is to ensure our clients are fully informed of local conditions.

As we progress our clients' cases our years of experience allow us to pinpoint solutions quickly while understanding the needs of our client and their family.

Immigration law is complex and your case is too important to risk rejection, for the quickest way to assess all your options request a free private consultation today by completing our assessment form.

We remain committed to our clients for many years once they emigrate to ensure their estate and tax position is protected under law to ensure whatever the future holds you will have our team of experts on call who understands your case and ready to assist you.

Visas and Immigration Advice

The fastest and easiest way to secure your visas. Dynamic tools and advice to guide you in all your visas needs.
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  1. Reply Randy

    I am living and working in the UK. I am interested in migrating to Australia to live and work. I am a psychiatric nurse by15 years. Anglia Ruskin university HRM (BA) and Masters in General Management. All your assistant would be greatly appreciated

  2. Reply Alex

    That sounds like a great idea 🙂
    We would be delighted to help, I assume you have a degree in nursing along with your masters. If you complete our assessment I would be delighted to provide feedback specific to your case rather than the more general advice offered online which may or may not suit your needs.

  3. Reply Bernard Tapiwa Sithole

    I intend to work in Canada and if possible study for PHD, I am currently working in Zimbabwe and hold a masters degree in marketing strategy.

  4. Reply Nancy

    I saw your website on quora after I googled a question on Australian immigration.

    I am a physiotherapist, and initially began the Skill select process, but got stuck when it got to skills assessment.

    Is the skills assessment something that a MARA agent like you can help me with?

    • Reply Haskew Law

      Securing Your Skills Assessment

      We would be delighted to assist in securing your skills assessment. We can also support you secure your licence to practice in Australia.

  5. Reply Romulus

    Do you provide services to help people planning on taking around the World cruise ship vacation gain multiple visa’s to several different destination countries?

  6. Reply Stef

    Not sure if writing in correct area but here goes…
    My family and I (fiancé and 3 kids) are looking at the option of working in Australia for a year to see if it’s for us. Would be a year because that’s as long as a career break I can take.
    I have looked at the option of my employer sponsoring me but that seems a no go.
    I have forklift licences, lots of warehouse experience, first aid certificates and been on security related courses as now I am a security officer for my work. Is there any options for us? Employer sponsorship from another company etc? Or would we have to look at one of us completing a trade course?
    Thanks in advance

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