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We Started Haskew Law to provide free advice and affordable solutions to everyone. After spending years working in Government, the world's leading businesses and law firms we wanted to share our knowledge.

When we started we never expected such a fantastic level of support and encouragement from our clients, and we knew we had something special to offer as our reputation has grown through word of mouth and referrals. We are grateful for the opportunity to help so many people secure their visas. 

We hope we can help you. Our office is open 9-5pm Monday - Friday. We are a family-oriented firm, and the rest of the time you will find us with our children. You can relax however as there is always some on hand to deal with emergencies, and our online systems allow you to track the progress of your case 24/7.

Making Immigration Easier

Immigration policy is complex and continually changing. Online advice is great for general information, but cannot address your specific requirements.  We are dedicated to providing modern emigration solutions worldwide. Some visa services can be booked immediately online for the fastest and easiest results, while other visas may require an immigration expert to discuss your plans with you in more detail to establish the best possible route for your case and to determine your eligibility. We provide instant eligibility reports online and FREE consultations if required to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.
Our Vision is to be the best global boutique immigration specialist firm delivering exceptional value and trusted world-class service. We will do that by delivering the highest standards of service along with the most cost-effective solutions. 
We are a team of international lawyers, former immigration officers, and migration agents, with experience in leading law firms and both public and private sectors. 
We started Haskew Law to deliver a service based on our experience with immigration rules and policy, and our insight into how real immigration officials reach decisions on cases behind closed doors. The result is a unique emigration service opportunity for clients who want the advantages of long legal experience combined with many years of practical insights put into the project of increasing their chances of emigration success.
The result has been an emphatic success: we have quickly grown to become a leading name in emigration services, by providing complete managed emigration solutions and great service. 
Immigration Law

Name: Immigration made easier

Description: Across the globe Immigration Laws are tightening up and the age of globalisation appears to be over as countries from the UK to the Australia are focused no on reducing immigrant numbers. It is important to select the best possible visa route and be prepared to fight to win your case.

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