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International relocation services

Providing Complete Relocation Solutions For Our Clients

In today’s world, it is not enough to be good at what you do. You must also collaborate with specialist partners so that together you can offer a more comprehensive solution to your client. This is a fundamental belief at Haskew Law. 

We understand that our partners offer an intrinsic added-value to our proposition. Well beyond the paperwork, we are here to assist our clients in getting settled as a new resident or citizen in a selected country. To achieve this, we work in tandem with strategic partners all over the world to deliver on key aspects of your move.

Our International Mobility Solutions

Our range of experts enables us to provide a complete migration solution, our unique blend of skills allow us to assist a wide range of clients and deliver the services they need. We provide a full range of services to make your plans go as smooth as possible. Our comprehensive Support Services includes:

  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Investment Trusts
  • Investment Planning
  • Global Mobility Solutions
  • Offshore Pension provisions
  • Concierge services on your arrival
  • International Corporate Tax Compliance
  • International Wills and estate planning

We are able to assist our clients to open their new bank account

We work with the leading banks to open your new bank account prior to your departure so you can send your money offshore, discuss mortgages and all other financial requirements with our relationship manager who looks after our clients.

This depends on the specific pension

Many pensions are transferable offshore.  Our regulated partners experts in preparing pensions to move them offshore. They advise you on the best way to handle your pension(s).  They often look for ways to maximise any benefits available due to your migration.

We work with a number of Real Estate agents across the globe

We partnerships with a large number of real estate professionals allows us to assist our clients to locate their perfect property.  From securing a modest single residential property to building an impressive international property portfolio in both the commercial and residential markets, we draw down on just the right team to help you.

Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning

Our legal team understand the benefits of moving offshore as several jurisdictions do not claim inheritance tax or have a unique approach to the issue.  Correct planning is vital and your will prepared correctly to avoid any unnecessary tax claims on your global estate.  We prepare everything to ensure you are able to pass on everything to your loved ones with none or minimal inheritance tax deductions.

International Relocation Services
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Name: More services to help you emigrate

Description: There is more to emigrating than just securing a stamp in your passport.

We look at the key areas where people need the most help. From moving a pension to writing a Will that will work both in the UK and overseas.

Complete tailored solutions available to meet your requirements.

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