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One Size Does Not Fit All

At Haskew Law, we tailor our teams to meet your individual requirements. As each case is unique, it would be presumptive to build a team before we fully understood what best fits your requirements.

Working with Immigration Lawyers, Venture Capital Firms, Investment companies, Banks, Forex, Real Estate Agents and Relocation Agents across multiple jurisdictions within our global network, we provide perfectly tailored solutions.

We appreciate, while one immigration lawyer may be the perfect choice for a family or skills based case, they may have little or no experience in dealing with emigration by investment cases. Selecting the right lawyer is a vital part of ensuring a successful outcome.

Selection based on an accreditation alone carries a risk the lawyer may not have the depth of knowledge and experience required to deliver the best possible outcome.

Let us build a winning team around you, from our global pool of talent.

Some popular faces around the office this week

Jack Haskew - Director

Jack is a US Attorney-at-Law and member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Investment Migration Council, and Immigration Law Practitioners' Association. Jack studied law at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and secured his first license to practice law in 1997 in New Mexico. In 2006, he qualified as a UK solicitor and has since honed his expertise in immigration, tax, and private client legal services. Jack has both experience and expertise in international mobility laws, cross-jurisdictional legal issues, and the litigation and appeal of immigration cases. He has served as an advisor to government, business and private clients across the globe. Specialising in residency-by-investment solutions for businesses and high net-worth clients. To clarify and avoid any potential disappointment, Jack does not currently practice UK law and does not provide advice covered by the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 section 82.

James Witaker

Born in 1963, James studied law prior to working on designing and creating the architecture of many Government to Citizen immigration programmes for investors. James has both experience and expertise in international mobility laws, cross-jurisdictional legal issues and assisted the design of several residency-by-investment programmes alive today. Specialising in residency-by-investment solutions for businesses and high net-worth clients.

Trish Turner - Australian Immigration Solicitor

Trish is a highly regarded immigration lawyer, who lives in Australia. Trish supports our UK office and supports our clients onshore during interviews and will advocate for clients in their absence during legal proceedings if required. She balances her time between being a brilliant lawyer and fantastic Mum to her young family. Like all Australians, Trish enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and the local beaches when she is not in Court or filing cases.

James Tooley - Business Advisor

A highly experienced business advisor James workes closely with the Australian Venture Capital community and business brokers across Australia. After spending 15 years working within the investment banking industry, James now applies his knowledge of business in sourcing and securing exclusive business and investment opportunities for our clients. James is a passionate sailor and golfer. James would say his perfect weekend would be spent sailing with his wife and their two grown-up boys.

Larry De Long - Advisor

Larry lives and works in Canada and enjoys helping people find the right path into Canada and over the years has assisted many people who would otherwise have fallen foul of the Canadian Immigration system.  Larry joined our team to deliver expert advice and assistance to our clients, ensuring we have the best possible local support and advice directly from Canada.

Penny Wilson - Compliance

A highly experienced compliance officer who initially studied in Bath and now has over 15 years experience in compliance and financial management. Penny came from a leading City of London law firm to join our team as the international aspect of our compliance requirements fits well with her specific area of expertise. 

Alex Jones - Senior Advisor

Alex studied law with a focus before specialising in Immigration law. Alex's passion for immigration law and his ability to win the most difficult cases makes him a key member of our team. During his 25 year career, Alex has worked in several countries within government, multinational businesses and with private clients alike, to become a leading figure within immigration legal circles.

Jack Harris - Senior Advisor

Jack is qualified as an attorney specialising in international law, immigration and wealth management.  After meeting his wife he moved to the UK, where he worked with many of the leading law firms assisting businesses and private individuals with international law and immigration compliance.

Requel O'g - Australian Lawyer/MARA 

Requel O'g is both MARA qualified and an Australian lawyer, working with leading law firms for over 15 years.  Focusing on permanent residency by investment and business cases. Requel previously worked as a litigation lawyer in the area of compliance. When not at her desk Requel is a devoted Mum and a keen cyclist. MARN:1279892

Charles White - Case Manager

Charles qualified in law over 15 years ago, previously employed by KPMG where he built an excellent reputation for creating innovative solutions to accommodate seamless international mobility.  Experienced in Immigration and international tax laws Charles is a leading specialist in second citizenships for high net worth clients.

Craig Thompson - USA Advisor

Born in the USA, where he studied law and has spent the last 20 years practising in USA Immigration. Craig is both passionate and expert on residency by investment routes into the USA.  Craig has worked for several of the largest law firms in the USA assisting private and corporate clients with EB-5 qualifying projects.

Folla K - Barrister

Folla is a Canadian barrister-at-law and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Folla lives in Toronto, where she has fought and won many landmark immigration cases in the Upper Court of Canada. Her skills, experience and passion, alongside her long list of successful immigration appeals cases, have established her reputation as a formidable client advocate.



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