Affiliates And Partners

Who Benefits From Our Affiliate Scheme?

You can be an existing client, solicitor, accountant, recruitment agency, travel agents and another professional who speaks to people and business who are looking to emigrate travel or do business overseas.  Or you could manage a website who’s readers would be interested in learning more about the advantages of living and working and investing in living overseas.

Instant Account Approval

Sign up for our immigration services affiliate program with Haskew Law, we can place banners or text links promoting our services on your website and start earning commission today, literally today!

Commission Per Application.

We pay 10% commission for each application we are instructed to take on, rather than per order. For instance, if a client submits five applications in one order, we will pay commission for each of the five applications.

Paper and Online Applications

We are the only company in the immigration industry that pays affiliate commission on both paper and online visa applications. We leave a cookie live for two years from the date your referral visits our site and we pay commission for life, no matter how many years later a client comes back to us for another visa.

Returning Clients Commission

We offer 10% (ten percent) rate for both new and returning clients. Cookies are set for two years to track referrals, we have a lifetime commission guarantee. The Commission is still paid per application for life whenever a client instructs us to secure another visa.


We run cookies allowing you to simply link to any page on our site and still earn commissions.  In short, once a person visits our site from your referral they are accredited to your account forever going forward. That said, we are looking for people and companies who have a genuine need to recommend our services. We are not interested in links for the sake of traffic. We look at all times to maintain our brand standards and reputation.

Payments are made monthly

We are happy to pay via PayPal or another preferred method on a monthly basis.  Through your affiliates login area, you will be provided all the tools and support you will need to be a success.  We even notify you in real time when a person or business instructs us to act on their behalf.

Partnering with Haskew Law means your audience will have access to high-quality quality legal information on such subjects as Immigration Law, International Wills, Offshore Trusts, Offshore Incorporation packages and more. Signing up for the Haskew Law affiliate program is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Start enjoying the benefits of membership today!


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