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Residency by investment for Australia

Over the past 20 years we have developed a specialist area of expertise in developing and delivering migration solutions for private clients who wish to emigrate to Australia via an investment category.

These include business investors, those who wish to retire and passive investor routes. We have designed and developed several ways to assist our clients secure residency in Australia through investment.

To find out how we may assist you complete our assessment form and one of our senior consultants will contact you shortly.

The benefits of an Investor Visa

  • No Death,Inheritance Taxes,No Taxation on World Wide Income
  • AAA Rated Economy
  • Business Friendly Environment
  • Safe Haven – Last Recession 27 years ago
  • Almost exact Legal,Accounting,Political System as the UK
  • Tax effective Investment Laws and
  • Dual Citizenship permitted

Haskew Law along side our Venture Capital partners are able to provide a complete solution to meet your investment needs. To find out more complete our assessment form for further information.

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Our solutions tailored for you

To get you started,our concierge team can help with your Australia bank account. This can be arranged up to 12 months ahead of your planned arrival in Australia.

At this time,we will be happy to introduce you to one of our private,personal or business relationship bankers.

You might also be interested in meeting one of our specialist wealth advisors,who will work with you to construct your compliant portfolio based on your personal risk profile,investment objectives,cash flow needs,and the complying investment framework. Our highly experienced wealth advisors can provide advice on an extensive range of investment solutions.

Australia Investment Planning

When it comes to structuring,whether it’s for property investment,property development,a business,or any other activity,there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is because everyone’s individual circumstances are different and we need to take into account those differences in coming up with a structure that is fit-for-purpose for the specific situation at hand.

Australian Taxation

While taxation should not be the sole or dominant motivator in any structuring exercise,the failure to take into account taxation could cost you plenty. A tax efficient structure ensures that the overall taxation position of your group is optimised. For instance,there is little point owning a negatively geared investment property in a discretionary trust that does not derive other income to take advantage of the negative gearing losses.

Retirement investment options

These visas are designed to allow retirees an opportunity to secure a rolling 4-year visa with a minimum investment which will be held by the state indefinitely. These visas are unpopular may not suit everybody.

We have developed a retirement option which is more popular and may be of interest if you are thinking of retiring.

A Video On The Australian Economic Vision

Where does Australia's Foreign Direct Investment Come From?

Australia remains a top destination for foreign investment. In 2016,the total stock of foreign investment in Australia reached $3.2 trillion,of which $796. 1 billion was a direct investment. Net new foreign direct investment into Australia (FDI inflows) in 2016 was valued at $64.8 billion,up by a significant $38.9 billion (or 150 percent) on the amount invested into Australia in 2015. This was supported by significant growth in net inflows into the mining sector (up to $18.2 billion). The majority of Australian FDI continues to come from the US ($195.0 billion),Japan ($90.1 billion) and the UK ($67.9 billion),although Asian markets (Greater China and ASEAN countries) represent growing investment sources. China represents around five percent of total FDI in Australia.

Foreign investment is critical to Australia’s ongoing economic success and growth

The total foreign investment includes direct investment (FDI),and indirect investment (portfolio investment,financial derivatives,reserve assets and other investment). Productive FDI contributes to economic prosperity through creating and retaining Australian jobs;developing new industries and infrastructure;introducing new technologies and skills;encouraging innovation and competition;raising productivity and strengthening Australia’s trade and economic linkages with global markets.

More than a third (37 percent) of Australia’s top 2,0 companies are foreign-owned. These companies account for 1.1 trillion of assets in Australia,generating revenue of $629.3 billion and employ nearly 700,0 people.

Which Sectors Benefit From Foreign Investment?

Although mining continues to account for the bulk of Australia’s stock of FDI,the flow of new investment into service sectors is growing. This reflects a shift in the importance of service sectors,such as wealth management,healthcare,education,tourism and professional services,to Asia’s growing middle classes. In 2016,mining and quarrying accounted for 39 percent of Australia’s stock of FDI (or $310.6 billion),while around one-third of FDI stock was into service sectors. The total stock of FDI in service sectors grew at more than twice the rate,combined,of nonservice sectors between 2015 and 2016 (up 14 percent compared to 6 per cent).


Australia is a global competitor in five key growth industries and has potential to drive continued growth by providing high-quality food,natural resources,education,tourism and financial services to the world.

› Agribusiness:

The 12th largest global exporter of agricultural products (US$36 billion),FDI stock in agriculture,forestry and fishing worth $2.2 billion.8

› Resources and energy:

Second largest global exporter of LNG (US$39.8 billion).

› Tourism:

The 11th largest market for international tourism receipts (US$32.5 billion),FDI stock in accommodation and food services worth $7.2 billion. 

› International education:

Third largest market globally for foreign tertiary students (6 percent of the world’s total)

› Financial services:

The sixth largest pool of investment fund assets in the world (US$1.6 trillion),FDI stock in financial and insurance activities worth $66.9 billion.

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Investor visas

Name:The return on your investment is Australia

Description:No other type of investment can provide such diverse benefits. While the principle investment will not reap significant financial returns the rewards are certainly world class. After all the best thing in life can never receive the justice they deserve when viewed on a statement of account. Description:Looking at the best immigration options for Australia within the investor visa category. While there are several visas available for investors each categories carries its own criteria,conditions and risk. While some offer permanent residency on arrival,others require a four year probationary period. Another key difference to watch out for is how long you will need to invest and exposure to risk. In our experience the best option currently requires a $1 million investment for 4 years. The principle investment is protected and the visa provides permanent residency on arrival. We work with a licences Venture Capital firm in Australia to establish and manage the fund. They co-invest a further $1 million into the fund. The costs are fixed and while there are other options that require higher levels of investment and risk we find this option is the most popular and will satisfy the immigration regulations to secure PR.

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