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Investor Visas For Australia

When we have worked hard for our money we want to protect it and provide it with a stable, secure environment to help it grow. Australia can offer the most shrewd investors a safe environment and great returns on any investment. OK, so there are only two guarantees in life death and taxes, that said, Australia has a booming economy, has not had a recession in 20 years and is struggling to keep up with the demand of their growing population. With the Asian economic area nearby and the USA to their left Australia is in a prime location to benefit from global trade. It also as well established markets and a system which is based on the UK model so you can quickly become familiar with the local requirements of the business.

Migration under the Australian investor visas category is for applicants who have had a successful history of business or investment activity and wish to emigrate to Australia to use these skills or wish to make a significant investment in a state-sponsored programme for four years. Australian Investment visas allow you to enter Australia and then go on to secure permanent residency after a qualifying period.

Venture Capital

We work with some of Australia's specialist venture capital firms who are willing and able to support your investor visa with funds of up to $15 million. There support often ensure your "visa investment" is minimised and protected. We have found these solutions to be an effective way of securing residence in Australia while reducing exposure to potential risk.

Australian Business Investor Visas

Your first Investor Visa will be for an initial 4 year period. This introduction to Australia leads to permanent residency if you meet the relevant criteria. If you would like to extend or change your visa there are a number of options available to you depending on your funds and future plans within Australia. Some investors simply continue investing in Australia and move onto the Investor Residence Visa. This would allow you to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis and is the most ‘natural’ progression for your visa.

If, however, you prefer to continue as a business owner rather than an investor you could apply for the State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa, or the Business Owner Residence Visa. Both of these would allow you to settle in Australia permanently but have different eligibility criteria. The easiest way to find the right visa for you is to simply get in touch towards the end of your 4 year period and our consultants will look back through your file, compare your current circumstances and provide advice on how you should proceed. Typically we could expect to have your Investor Visa case processed within just a few months of application. However, it is important to note that the processing times stated are controlled by the Australian immigration authorities and not by us and so are subject to change.

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Am I Eligible?

Australian visas applicants for this class must be 45 years old or younger at the time of lodging the visa application.  This visa was created for people who have a sum of money to invest and a significant history of business success. There are specific definitions of ‘business success’ within the criteria for Investor Visas, both in how much your businesses/you make and what proportion of your business you own.

Your personal and business assets must come to at least $2,250,000 and be transferred to Australia within 2 years of moving. Your business and personal assets are assessed separately throughout this process and the investment criteria are separate to your personal assets. You will need to make a designated investment of at least $1,500,000 before the visa is granted and notify the relevant Australian state or territory government of your business intentions. The final major financial criteria are proving you have sufficient net assets to settle in Australia.

You must also have at least 3 years’ experience directly managing one or more qualifying business or eligible investments. The immigration officer reviewing your case will also look at your overall business record throughout your career. You must maintain direct involvement in your investment and you must show that you have maintained sufficient business ownership for at least 1 of the 5 fiscal years before you apply. Sufficient business ownership is again precisely defined according to the type of business and business turnover per year. This ranges from 51% ownership of a business that turns over less than $400,000 per year to 10% of a publicly listed company.

All Australian visas for over 12 months have standard health and character requirements, Investor Visas are no different. You will need to undergo a medical exam and chest x-ray to show that you have good health. Your application will also need to contain police certificates for all countries where you have lived for more than 12 months in the 10 years leading up to your current application.

Significant Investor Visas (SIV)

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) was introduced in 2012 by the Australian Government to enable foreign citizens with at least AU$5 million to obtain permanent residency in Australia by investing in complying Australian investments.

The SIV is a component of the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

In 2015 the investment framework for SIV was amended by the Australian Government to direct investments into sectors which can contribute to the economic development of Australia.

What are the visa requirements?

SIV requires the applicant to invest at least AU$5million for a minimum period of four years in the following investments:

Subject to satisfying government requirements, the visa provides work, travel and study rights to the applicant as well as their immediate family and dependent relatives.

You are required to invest at least $5 million over four years in complying investments, which must include:

  • At least $500,000 in eligible Australian venture capital or growth private equity (VCPE) fund(s) investing in start-up and small private companies. The government expects to increase this to $1 million for new applications within two years as the market responds.
  • At least $1.5 million in an eligible managed fund(s) or listed investment companies (LICs) that invest in emerging companies; and,
  • A ‘balancing investment’ of up to $3 million in the managed fund(s) or LICs that invest in a combination of eligible assets that include Australian listed securities, eligible corporate bonds or notes, annuities and real property (subject to the 10 percent limit on a residential real estate).

For more information visit our Significant Investor Visa page.

Premium Investor Visa (PIV)

The Premium Investor Visa (PIV) is aimed at attracting a small number of highly talented and entrepreneurial individuals to Australia who can contribute those skills and talents into areas which deliver long-term economic benefit to the country. PIV applicants are required to invest at least $15 million over 12 months in complying investments, which include:

  • Australian securities exchange listed assets
  • Australian government or semi-government bonds or notes
  • Corporate bonds or notes issued by an Australian exchange-listed entity (or wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian listed entity) or investment grade rated Australian corporate bonds or notes rated by an AFS licenced debt rating agency
  • Australian proprietary limited companies
  • Real property in Australia excluding residential property
  • Deferred annuities issued by Australian registered life companies
  • State and territory government approved the philanthropic donation.

The Australian Premium Investor Visa is only available at the invitation of the Australian Government, with potential applicants to be nominated by Austrade. Unsolicited expressions of interest for the PIV will not be considered.

Retirement Investor Visas

This is an alternative visa for those who wish to retire in Australia and for further information see our Australian Retirement Visa page.

Investment Management

The investment must be distributed across various streams within the Australian economy including $500,00 in Venture capital funds for startup companies and $1,500,000 in the ASX for emerging Australian companies leaving an element of risk in the investment portfolio.  We work with several leading Australian fund managers and banks to ensure our clients are provided with impartial advice and support to build their investment portfolio and ongoing assistance remain in control of their investments while remaining compliant with the immigration authorities investment criteria.

The use of an experienced specialist will significantly increase the chances of success. In the vast majority of cases, the use of a professional consultant makes the difference between obtaining a residence permit and being refused one. Our experts will offer further recommendations and advice as you go through the application process to help you settle into Australia quickly and ensure that your new life there is off to the best start.

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