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Over 600 people a day emigrate from the UK according to the latest ONS govt. figures to various destinations. Australia remains a firm favourite and the numbers speak for themselves when you see that 5% of the resident population of Australia are from the UK. People from the UK accounts for the highest percentage of migrants per year into Australia by a long way. 

ESTIMATED RESIDENT POPULATION, Australia - Top 10 countries of birth - 30 June 2016(a)(b)(c)

Country of birth
% of Australian population

UK, CIs & IOM(d)
1 198 000
New Zealand
607 200
526 000
468 800
246 400
236 700
194 900
South Africa
181 400
166 200
124 300

(a) Estimates are preliminary. 
(b) Top 10 countries of birth excluding Australia.
(c) All population figures presented in this table are rounded. Estimates of the proportion of the Australian population are based on unrounded numbers. 
(d) United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
(e) Excludes SARs and Taiwan.

Australian Population hits 24 million

This is an incredibly small number which leads to the inevitable opportunities a thriving and growing country has to offer. While the UK is over crowded with a population of 61 million people living in 245km sq or 249 people per km sq compared to Australia with 7,690,000 km sq allowing only 2.5 people per km sq. Sorry about the numbers but they are as important as they are stark. 

While most Australians like to live with 10 minutes drive to the beach and over 90% of them do that is not a problem with 36 735 km of coastline to choose from. A strange choice many Brits may think, but It is actually nice to live near the beach when you have miles of soft sand, warm water to swim in and on average 8 - 10 hours of sunshine every day. Unlike the UK where living near the beach inevitably means living in a rundown seaside town whose best days were over 100 years ago with those ramshackle old folks homes and flaking paint on window frames, battered by hurricane forced winds most of the year. Apart from those little differences, there is one other statistic to mention, the UK coastline is 21,500 km in length.

In short, Australia is growing, the economy is booming and everyone has the space to raise a family. In fact, Australia holds the record for the largest homes per capita in the world and why not when they have that much space around them. Many people prefer to build a new home on a plot they like rather than having to go to all the bother of buying a used home and decorating it again!

A Throw back in Time

During the 70's in the UK before the "I am alright Jack" and "It's all about the money" culture that exists today which is more prominent in the South of England but still present in the north and in Scotland, people were more of a community. Australia has retained that sense of community and togetherness. They do not have the power cuts, strikes or the terrible pollution the UK faced in the 1970's, but they do have a great deal of the attitude.

Their TV is terrible. That said, who cares about the TV if you have the sunshine and a healthy lifestyle? 

This maybe why the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD Australia) have rated Australia the best country in the world to live and work in. Now, that's as official as it gets folks.

Australian love to call a spade a spade or as they would say "Be bluntly, mate." and are never what a person from the UK would call PC, far from it. Yet, Australian women are very much respected and equal in the community and in the home. There is a clear social agenda in Australia that requires everyone to muck in together and not to act as though they have airs and graces. A case in point was in 2015 when the Australian Parliament passed a rule that MP's were not allowed to call each other "Mate" in Parliament. The rule lasted just one day. Not to mention one PM during an election prove how Australian he was by necking a pint in a record time! (He won by a landslide.)

Fun is a big part of life in Australia and people are not living to prove how much better they are than the next man, they are living together to support each other and enjoy life as a community. It was only recently that the comb over was finally declared extinct in Australia, so times are a changing for the better.


While the UK use education as a political football and changing things every year or three the Australian system is rock solid leading to world class educational results. There is a large emphasis on personal development of lifestyle choices, outdoor learning, sports and social responsibility. Australian education is rated way above the UK in figure provided by the OECD annually who compare international educational standards.

The divide is set to increase as now many UK are unable to emigrate to Australia as they do not have the skills and qualifications required. This is because Australia has not raised the bar in what they expect from their teachers. While the UK has lowered theirs during the same period. 

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