Emigrate To Australia As A Remaining Relative

How Relatives Emigrate To Australia

The Remaining Relative Visa is for people whose only family live in Australia. Only siblings and parents count as ‘relatives’ for this visa; you must not have any siblings, parents, or non-dependent children other than those in Australia.
Your relative must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. As part of the sponsorship they will be asked to provide a written statement to confirm that they will provide support, accommodation and financial assistance for you if necessary. You will also need to find an Assurer of Support for your application, your Assurer does not need to be the same person as your sponsor. This person should be able to cover any social security payments that are made to you by the Australian government in the first 2 years of your stay.
As usual with Australian visas, you must meet the health and character requirements and agree to the Australian Values Statement.  Proving that your relative in Australia is the only one can be difficult, as it is often easier to show that something exists than it is to show that it doesn’t. Working with Haskew's ensures that you present your case properly to give you the best chance of success.
Each Australian visa is unique and has its own criteria for entry as well as processing times. As processing times, and fees, are set by the Australian Immigration Authority Haskew's can neither control or change them. Typically the Remaining Relative visa may take some years to complete. For more information please use our free assessment and we will contact you.

What is the Australian Values Statement?

You will need to sign a statement that you will respect Australian values and adhere to Australian laws. While many of these values are not unique to Australia, they are clearly expressed and it is essential that you understand and agree to this in order to obtain your visa and live in Australian society.

The values include:

  •     Respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual
  •     Gender/sexual equality
  •     Freedom of religion
  •     Commitment to follow the law
  •     Support for democracy
  •     Mutual respect
  •     Tolerance
  •     Fair play
  •     Compassion for those in need
  •     Pursuit of public good
  •     Equal opportunity for all people, regardless of their race, religion, or background
These values are one of the things that makes Australia such a fantastic place for migrants to live, and forms the basis of the inclusive society that you will enjoy as an Australian resident.

What are the Benefits?

The Remaining Relative Visa gives you access to Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so you do not need to arrange private health insurance. You will also be able to access some social security services after the initial waiting period has lapsed.
Once you have lived in Australia for a number of years you may be eligible for citizenship. This visa is a pathway to permanent emigration. Once you arrive in Australia make a note to get back in touch with our team to discuss your next step and ensure that you do not need to leave Australia once your visa has lapsed.

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