Emigrate To Australia With Your Children

Emigrate To Australia With Children

It often surprises people that their dependent children aren’t automatically granted visas to travel or live with their parents. Natural, adopted, or step-children must get their own Child Visa to enter Australia, and must be sponsored by their parent or guardian. You can, however, lodge the visa application on your child’s behalf.

Australian Visas for Children to Join Parents


Your child must be under 25 and a dependent. This means that if they are over 18 they must still live with you and be reliant upon you (eg. a full-time student). This requirement is waived if your child has a disability that would permanently stop them from working in Australia.


If your child is over 18, they must:

  •     Be unemployed
  •     Be enrolled in a full-time, post-secondary course leading to a qualification
  •     Have started their course since the age of 18, or started the course within 6 months of completing secondary education


Dependency is usually determined by age and income, but depending on your home country and culture marital status may be relevant. To qualify for this visa your child can not be married.


Natural, step, and adopted children are all eligible for Child Visas. Their parent (and sponsor) must be an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder in order to sponsor their visas and submit the application on their behalf.
Step children have to be under 18 years old and the sponsor must still have a legal responsibility to care for the child but can’t still be in a relationship with the other parent.
Adopted children must have been adopted before their parent became an Australian citizen. If you are already an Australian citizen you will need to apply for an Adoption Visa for your child.


If your child is under 18 years of age permission for the child to migrate must be obtained from every person who has a right to make this decision. This may be in the form of a statutory declaration or a court order. If you require further support in phrasing or obtaining this declaration our team will provide support and guide you through the process to ensure that the permission is clear for the authorities.

Health and Character

This standard visa requirement must be fulfilled for Child Visas too. If your child is over the age of 16 they must show that they are of good character like any other visa applicant. This is proven through police certificates.
They will also need to undergo a medical examination and possibly a chest x-ray. The examination will need to be conducted by a panel of doctors selected by the Australian authorities to ensure that the examination is thorough and complies to Australian standards.
The Child Visa for Australia typically takes from a few months to two years to process.  We recommend a person acts quickly to ensure they benefit from an early submission.

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