Steps Required For Emigration To Australia

Steps To Emigrate To Australia

For skilled migration there are three basic stages to every case regardless of the visa class you are applying under or sponsorship required.  The stages remain the same in every case as do the reasons for completion of each of the following steps.
  1. Secure accreditation in Australia for your UK based qualifications and skills
  2. Apply to the relevant state and/or federal government Immigration department for an invitation to secure your visa
  3. Only after being selected and invited to emigrate you must complete your Police, Medical, and other checks and obtain approval before embarking on your new life.

Before we discuss the three steps in more detail - here is a video from the archives of skilled migrant in years gone by. Not that much has changed, skills are still in demand and Australia continues to grow... enjoy.

Qualifying criteria of 60 points

Points are awarded to people based on:
Years of Experience
English Language
Links to Australia
Good Character
For argument sake, we are going to assume you achieve the minimum required 60 points.  This allows you to file an online application to enter the E.O.I pool (Expression of interest)  Most people can achieve this mark with a little help but that is not the key to a successful emigration case.  Entering the E.O.I pool simply means you have put your name forward as interested in emigration to Australia.  It does not mean they want you. 
Once you claim your 60 points and you are in the E.O.I pool your profile and case will be competing with thousands of other hopeful candidates from around the world.  Each candidate in the E.O.I pool is hoping to be selected to secure a visa and emigrate to Australia.  It is designed to allow Australia to reviews each candidate and select only those who they believe are the best people for their needs.  So getting into the pool is the easy part as anyone can click submit online, the expertise and skill are understanding how you can ensure you will be one of those chosen few and will be select to emigrate.  Here we outline the three stages of a case.


  • Confirmation you hold the necessary skills in demand – You must evidence the facts and present the best possible case in a clear way an Australian Immigration officer will quickly understand.  They review about 100 cases per day and will not go looking to build a case for you.
  • English Language; ability to meet the required standards – Being British is no excuse to avoid doing an IELTS test. This may not be required in all cases however it is always helpful.
  • Work Experience – This evidence must be presented in a clear way, exactly as the officials require and is the point where most cases are rejected.  There are no guides on how to prepare the perfect reference or people who simply copy it making references worthless.  This is a major issue for most cases and very few people get it right.  
  • Qualifications –Your achievements using specialist international qualifications equivalency tests will determine the Australian equivalency and if you have the qualifications you think you have!
  • The Skills Approval Authorities review your case to ensure your skills meet the required standards.  It is important you secure the maximum awards available which will help your future Immigration case.
This Skills Assessment stage is vital to future success and underpins our future immigration case.  A primary purpose of immigration control is to confirm you will be conducive to the economy and the public good.  This is also how local employers will assess your eligibility for employment. Local employers are only allowed to offer employment to those who have evidenced they are of an equivalent standard required to take the position available and that you will not be taking work from a person who is a resident or citizen already.

STAGE TWO – Presenting Your Expression of Interest  

  •     Plan, prepare and present your case to meet the needs of the immigration officer to achieve the maximum points available based on your case history.
  •     It is vital you provide an officer with a case which is "Visa Ready" any mistakes or gaps will result in the case being turned away and no refund of fees provided.
  •     Present you to local employers and to the State for state sponsorship if required.  Select those who are licensed by the Government to employ overseas talent which matches your career objectives, skills and experience.
  •     For regulated professions, you will be required to hold the correct Australian licence & registration
Based on a number of factors drawn from your skills assessment and initial submissions you will be selected from the pool of international talent by the State / federal Govt. or offered a position of employment by a local employer. These options and opportunities are only disclosed at that time. You must secure an invitation to apply to live and work in Australia at this stage.  The work up to this point is about positioning yourself in the pool to stand out for selection.  No one will explain why your case is better or worse than other candidates as there is no lawful requirement for disclosure.  As you are never allowed to see other people's cases it is difficult to gauge the merits of your own case and the strength of your presentation.  This can lead to exceptional candidates never being selected as their case simply was not presented in the correct way.


Invitation From The Australian Federal Government

This is the best option if your skills and qualifications are in demand and meet the Australian Standards you can secure an 189 visa. You will be invited to live and work in Australia securing Permanent Residency on arrival leaving you free to live and work where ever you wish in Australia. These three routes are each beneficial and require you to qualify via your positive skills assessment and expression of interest.  You are advised to investigate each option so you are empowered to make the correct choice that best matches your needs if required.

Offer of Employment

An Australian Employer with the correct licence may offer you a position of employment. You are not obliged to accept any job offer, however, if you decide you would like to take the job offer we shall apply for the necessary work permit.  We never recommend you accept a job offer and emigrate on a 457 visa.  This is dangerous as the visa will end if the job finishes for any reason.  We have known people who emigrate with families only to be left without a home or a visa within months of arrival only to be forced to return to the UK.  This is a temporary visa which also causes issues with insurance, banking and mortgages.  Golden handcuffs to an employer like modern day slavery is best avoided in our opinion.
From the 17th April 2017 the 457 visas have been abolished.

State Sponsorship Programmes

A regional State Government has the option to invite you to apply to live and work in their state. Each state has their own criteria and skills in demand. Some states’ SSPs are closed for the next few months but several remain open as these states are working hard to grow their economies through the immigration of skills. If you apply for an SSP and secure a place we shall receive an invitation that we submit to the federal Government who will then invite you to migrate to Australia at that time. Some SSP’s undertake to complete your case within a few months which can be attractive to those who qualify and are in a rush. The condition is that you undertake to live and work in the State that sponsors you for a minimum of two years.  This is not our preferred option and often best avoided if you can.

STAGE THREE – Securing Your Visa

  • Review the merits of the visa offered to apply for the relevant visa offered at this time as it may include a state/provincial sponsorship offer, employer offering sponsorship or a central Government offer to sponsor you for a PR visa.   
  • Prepare all application forms presenting the best possible case to meet the Immigration officer’s requirements when reviewing your file.
  • Represent the merits of your case – Often people are asked follow-up questions that they shall need to address as they arise in accordance with current policy and regulations and allay any concerns an Immigration Officer may have at that time.
  • Criminal Records Review – prepare your application for submission. As this is a confidential report you will be required to apply directly.
  • Medical Tests – prepare your medical with a Doctor of your choice that is permitted to conduct these tests.


Now you have completed the three stages for securing your Visa to Australia you can start to think about your new life overseas.  We are experts and can assist you during the whole process ensuring you are a successful candidate.


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Dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and great results all at the most competitive prices.

Thank you for everything you were amazing and I would not have been able to secure my visa without you. I am really excited about emigrating it is really happening now. Jake and Holly are both looking forward to their new school who have been really helpful. Julie Windsor
Dear Jack, I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work. I always knew securing a visas to start my new business was going to require effort. I am so pleased with myself that I never attempted this on my own looking back with hindsight.Thank you, Peter Loftus

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  1. Reply areff peerally

    name of business

    date commenced employment

    4 MARCH 1991
    date ceased employment

    how many hours per week did you work?

    60 HRS
    list 5 main duties of this position

    what were you paid whilst in this employment
    (hourly rate or annual salary please)

    50000 DOLLARS MONTHLY// 600,000 ANNUALLY
    can you obtain written references for this employment

    can you provide taxation records or payslips for this employment (please indicate what you can provide)


    position title

    name of business

    date commenced employment

    3 MARCH 1991
    date ceased employment

    how many hours per week did you work?

    list 5 main duties of this position

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