Australia Significant Investment Visas (132)

Significant Investment Visas To Australia (132)

Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) visa is available by invitation only once we secure sponsorship from a state. The proceedings to obtain this visa are complex and require both immigration and investment planning.  We work with leading investment managers and banks in Australia to ensure you receive impartial advice and support throughout the process.  It is important you remain in control of your investment and remain compliant with the immigration Act.
In these cases, using professional services is often the difference between securing residency in Australia or rejection as these cases often require a great deal of preparation to mitigate the risk involved.

Salient features:  

  • This visa is available under 2 categories 
  • Significant business history class is for our clients who own a business with substantial financial credential and with an intent to establish and run their newly established corporate or take over an existing concern. 
  • Venture capital entrepreneur class is for our clients who we helped source funds to the tune of the minimum of AUD 1 million from an Aussie venture capital organisation.

This visa permits you to: 

  • Reside and work permanently in Australia 
  • Travel in out of borders for 5 years
  • Include family in the application for visa 
  • Set-up a new or acquire an ongoing business in Australia  
  • General Requisites 

You must be:

  • Under 55 years 
  • Build a case to secure approval by a provincial authority  

Significant business history 

  • Minimum net assets of AUD 400000 in a qualifying business with an annual turnover of AUD 3 million (in one or main businesses) in at least 2 years of previous 4 years preceding to filing for visa
  • Have a personal net worth in tune of AUD 1.5million which are Transfer ready funds within 2 years of the grant of the visa 
  • A proven business track record and performance.
  • Have a personal net worth in tune of AUD 1.5million which are Transfer ready funds within 2 years of grant of visa 
  • A proven business track record and performance.

 Venture capital:

You must secure funds in the tune of AUD 1.5 million from an Australian risk capital funding organisation to convert, set-up and improvise on an exceptional business innovation into commercially viable and successful product.  Some states will not endorse this subclass of visa.

Our SIV concierge service

Here at Haskew Law, we understand the specific needs of our SIV clients. As a result, we provide a personalised concierge service for SIV clients, including our Australian banking and investments relationship managers, that’s designed to make the process of moving to Australia as straightforward as possible.

Advice that’s tailored to you

To get you started, our concierge team can help with your Australia account opening. This can be done up to 12 months ahead of your planned arrival in Australia.

At this time, they’ll also take the time to understand your needs, future requirements, and will be happy to introduce you to one of our private, personal or business relationship bankers.

You might also be interested in meeting one of our specialist wealth advisors, who will work with you to construct your SIV compliant portfolio based on your personal risk profile, investment objectives, cash flow needs, and the complying investment framework. Our highly experienced wealth advisors can provide advice on an extensive range of investment solutions.

Deepening your SIV portfolio

While many people who have moved to Australia under this scheme initially sought the security of government bonds, there has been a shift towards a broader more diversified investment portfolio mix, as applicants have become more familiar with the Australian market.

However you choose to create your SIV and broader investment portfolio, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the right advice to make sure you remain compliant with your visa obligations, as periodically, Australian Government may change the mandated investment conditions.

With the help of our wealth advisors, you can be sure you’ll be well informed if you decide to diversify your investments.

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Thank you for everything you were amazing and I would not have been able to secure my visa without you. I am really excited about emigrating it is really happening now. Jake and Holly are both looking forward to their new school who have been really helpful. Julie Windsor
Dear Jack, I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work. I always knew securing a visas to start my new business was going to require effort. I am so pleased with myself that I never attempted this on my own looking back with hindsight.Thank you, Peter Loftus

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