Partner Visas For Australia

Australian Visas For Married and De-facto Partners

Many Australian people fall in love with those from overseas and bringing them back to Australia can be a challenge they never thought about on their first date!  We have assisted many couples to emigrate to Australia to live and raise their family in the comfort of everything Australia has to provide.  If you are married or in a de-facto or common-law relationship, you can bring your partner to Australia. One of the benefits of having a visa system that’s constantly updated is that it is flexible to cope with the ever-changing ways people remain in relationships across the global an understand relationships are not as formal as they once were.  While you will still need to prove the authenticity of your relationship it is just part of the process of gaining a Partner based Visa.
There are two versions of this visa – one is temporary and the other is permanent.
The temporary visa lasts for two years while a decision is made about your permanent visa. It allows you to:
  •     Work in Australia
  •     Study on any Course
  •     Enrol in Medicare
  •     Live in Australia
The permanent visa has no limits on how long you can stay in Australia. In addition to the benefits above it also lets you receive some social security payments and provides a pathway to Australian citizenship.
If you marry your partner at any point your visa entitlement for a Spouse Visa changes, it’s a good idea to get back in touch if your situation changes to see if you are eligible for a visa with further benefits. You do not need to submit two applications for a temporary and permanent Unmarried Partner Visa.  If you meet the legal criteria and still meet all of these requirements after your waiting period you apply for both in a single application. While this does not mean that you are automatically eligible for a permanent Partner Visa if you have the temporary one it does simplify the process for you.
In terms of processing times, this is dealt with by the Australian immigration authorities. We would expect to have your case processed within 12 to 18 months but as we are not responsible for the actual processing this is something that we cannot guarantee. Because of this, you should not make any plans for travel until your visa application is complete.

Am I Eligible?

Like any visa, you have to fulfil the requirements. While there are no age limitations for this visa you will need to go through the process of proving that your relationship is genuine. We realise that most people do not keep ‘evidence’ of their relationship but it’s likely you have far more than you think you do (particularly if you are cohabiting), our experts will explain what you need to submit your application and the best way to show that your relationship is real.
There are several caveats. You will need to have an exclusive relationship and be living together (or only be apart temporarily). Your evidence will also need to detail your relationship for at least 12 months before your application.
If you’ve been together less than 12 months you may still be eligible for this visa. The Australian government accepts a number of waivers, particularly if you have a child together. If you are in a same-sex relationship the Immigration Authorities will also understand if you were unable to cohabit due to the laws of your home country.
Like any other Australian visa you will need to fulfil the Australian health and character requirements to be accepted.

What Will I Need to Send?

You will need a range of documents to support your application to prove your identity, show that you have good health and character and to prove your relationship. The identity documents include:
  • copies of your passport
  • certified copies of your birth certificate 
  • 4 recent passport-size photographs.
In addition to your details, you will also need to send information about your partner, including details of previous relationships (such as marriage certificates) and proof that these relationships have ended (such as divorce papers or a death certificate).
Your relationship documentation needs to show that:
·          You have a mutual, exclusive relationship
·          The relationship is genuine and continuing
·          You have been living together
You will be asked to prove this through knowledge of each other’s personal lives, explanations of the financial aspects of the relationship, details of living arrangements, descriptions of the social aspects and mutual friends (this can include statutory declarations by friends) and a discussion of the nature of the relationship which includes whether you see it as a long-term commitment.

Building a convincing case

This is key to this visa, many genuine relationships are turned away every year because they didn’t know how to present themselves properly. Our experts have helped many people over the years and can help you gain your Unmarried Partner Visa for Australia.  Marriages entered into for the sole purpose of providing a visa to the overseas national is not acceptable and there are rigorous tests applied.  There are also many safeguards to protect Australia from those they deem as unfit to live and work in Australia.

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