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Emigrating to Australia is a complex legal process and takes time and effort. That at said, you could be living in Australia in just a few months from today.  To find out more, complete our FREE assessment to discover your eligibility for an Australian visa and to discover the advantages a little help from Haskew Law can make to your emigration plans.

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You will receive helpful information specific to your situation, we assess your eligibility under various visa options. We are a highly respected law firm, regulated by the Australian immigration authorities and proud partners with the UK Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office "Know Before You Go" campaign, assisting UK nationals to prepare for their new life in Australia."More than 600 people emigrated from the UK every day last year according to UK Government figures, with Australia, ranked as a favourite destination." 

The Most Popular Australian Visas

Here are the most popular Australian migration visas from the 60+ visa classes available:

Below is a brief overview of the most popular visas if you want to see them all listed in one place before deciding which one may be best for you.

Skills In Demand In Australia

The most popular way to secure permanent residency in Australia is via the General Skilled Worker  (GSM) programmes. To qualify for a visa your skills need to be in demand and on the: 

  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL)

To find out if your skills are in demand visit our complete list of skills in demand for more information.

Australian Skilled Worker Visas

 For the majority of our clients, the route to permanent residency in Australia is by way of a skills-based visa, which in turn opens the door to secure employment.
The process begins with a basic 60-point merits test, which determines basic eligibility. A person's record of prior learning and previous employment is scrutinised, along with age, character and other factors, each of which influences the outcome of the case.
We also check that our client's skills are in demand, as indicated by a list which changes regularly as Australia reaches annual quotas for each skill set.
Only once we have completed a formal skills assessment, are we able to calculate how many points a person would receive under the skilled “General Skilled Migrant Programme” (GSM), under which candidates are scored on a scale.  It is only after final score is determined and skills assessed that anyone can state with confidence a particular candidate's eligibility for selection to emigrate.
In getting to grips with this process, it is critical to understand that the GSM program -- the system through which all skilled worker visas are processed -- presents itself as an objective, standardised system. Yet, in the end, it is run by over 25 separate assessing bodies and federal immigration officials at their discretion and, therefore, subject to all-too-human biases and manipulations.
Successful candidates understand that the Australian application process is complex and having 60 points does not guarantee a visa. On the contrary, well-polished applications are successful, whereas poorly crafted applications may fail for reasons that have little to do with the applicant, and everything to do with the application.
Accordingly, candidates must prepare the best possible case to secure the maximum points available: securing the minimum points for eligibility is simply not enough. 
Demand for these visas is high, and only the most effective cases are selected for visa invitations.  Many cases are won or lost on the basis of how evidence is presented.  That means that two candidates with equal UK qualifications and skills will appear differently to immigration officials depending on the preparation of their case and how relevant items are highlighted -- or omitted.

State Sponsorship

State Sponsorship visas allow a person to live and work within a certain state on arrival in Australia.
Each state in Australia manages their programme independently when building immigration policy to meet their local immigration needs.  Each has a unique set of rules and criteria, which are approved at the federal level. 
Sponsorship through local employment, family sponsorships and business and investment routes are all governed independently in local programmes.

Family Visas

Australian residents can sponsor close family to join them.  These include parents, children, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. 
These routes change quickly and are subject to limitations on available places.  We will assist you, prepare your best possible case.

Spouse and Partner Visas

For partners of an Australia permanent resident or citizen. 

These visas are the most expensive route to immigrate and are often initially granted provisionally for two years.  These cases require a great deal of evidence to show a genuine, subsisting relationship. The timeframe for processing this visa is often more than a year. 

This visa class is currently under review, as many Australians feel the costs and lengthy processing times are unfair to those waiting to be reunited with their foreign partners.  We can provide up-to-date information to help you plan.

Parent Visas

For those who wish to join their children in Australia. 

These are often "contributory parent" visas, which require a contribution to be made of more than AUS $46,000. 

These visas are currently under review, and the proposed changes are expected to require slightly lower minimum funds to be demonstrated as available. However, there are also likely be a number of negatives implications of the proposed changes to consider.  We can provide the latest information on these changes to help you plan how to join your family in Australia.

Student Visas

Student visas are an increasingly popular option, as studying in Australia often leads to permanent residency, and is a great way to improve your skills and qualifications while being allowed to live and work in Australia. 

At the end of most courses, you will be able to remain and work, which makes this a great pathway to permanent residency.  While you are a student you can work part-time during term time, and full-time during college holidays.  

We are official partners with a number of leading Australian colleges and universities. We are authorised to assess your eligibility, can enrol you in courses directly and can help secure your visa.

Investment & Retirement Visas

There are five main investment visas, and the capital required ranges from AUS $600,000 upwards.  Each category has various additional qualifying criteria. 
These visas are often used by people who want to build a new business in Australia on the basis of previous business experience, or who are looking to retire to Australia.  The qualifying criteria are complex, and successful use of these visas requires expertise in both immigration law and tax planning. 
Our range of services benefits our clients for many years to come as we remain a trusted part of their planning and are always here when they need us.  Our expertise goes way beyond securing your visa to bring real peace of mind for the years ahead.

Taking Your Next Step To Australia

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  1. Reply Heath Turck

    Australian Work Visas

    My wife (Linda) and I (Heath) are looking at the options to emigrate to Australia with our sons (aged 12 and 16). We maybe eligible for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) and Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189).

    We can apply for as skilled workers are as follows:

    • Child Care centre manager (Linda)
    • Special needs teacher (Linda)
    • Special education teachers (Linda)
    • Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher (Linda)
    • Engineering manager (Heath)

    My wife is 45 years old and I am 50 years old. I realise that I may be too old to apply for the above-mentioned visa’s so will need advice on this, however, Linda should have no problem. We can both be sponsored under Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) by my sister who is an Australian citizen living in NSW.

    I would appreciate it if you could provide us with a breakdown of the process and time length and associated costs to apply for either of these visas.

  2. Reply Natalie Morgan Allen

    Hi, we are living in Wales but my husband and two of our children are Australian citizens. My son from a previous marriage and I are not. My son has a diagnosis of high functioning Autism and ADHD. Can someone get back to me about applying for a visa.

  3. Reply Jaki dodd

    I’d like to move to Australia I work for the NHS as a medical centre supervisor. I have property in England and would like to buy a house in Australia and set up home.

  4. Reply Matthew

    My father lives in Australia and we would like to move our family to be near him……..He has his own business……Can you advise if we would be able to move under the Family Sponsored Visa? We have 3 children under the age of 17 and one aged 20.

  5. Reply Simon Curtin

    Hi I would like to know would my family and i be eligible for retirement in Australia , I would be open minded about continuing work on the railway as an experienced road rail driver or any kind of digger driver, I am also an experienced boxing coach,
    I have no criminal record and have never been out of work.
    My wife is a chef who also has never been out of work.
    My daughter is a school girl of 13 and I have a son who is 22 a boxer and is finishing a law degree .
    My wife and I are both 50 years old and would have finances of around £300,000
    We would be open to any part of Australia
    Thanks simon Curtin

  6. Reply Anthony Stenton

    Hi, I am a 26-year-old qualified plumber with NVQ level 2+3 I don’t know much about working in Australia but would like to know more and how to go about it. Thanks

  7. Reply Tomasz Szuta

    Hello. My name is Tomas 40-year-old qualified electrician with diploma lev.3 in Building and Structures, BTEC LEv.3 in Communication and Technology and 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations. I also looking very seriously at other criteria required to meet in order to successfully work in Australia. Is there anything like a schedule of matching ad-notations according to be successful.

    Thank you for any help with the good scope of criteria.

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