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We Provide More Than Just a Stamp in Your Passport

"Dedicated to delivering bespoke emigration solutions"

Our clients emigrate for a better way of life for themselves and their family and they chose our services to ensure their emigration plans are a complete success.

We take the trust our clients have placed in us seriously and we recognise our responsibility goes beyond just securing their permanent residency visa.

The whole point of emigrating is to take maximum advantage of everything the Australian lifestyle has to offer. 

Find the best opportunities takes experience, local knowledge and time.

That is why we provide a bespoke dedicated pre-arrival and on-arrival settling in service with experienced consultants on the ground in Australia, ready to help you with everything you need to ensure your arrival in Australia is stress-free and lives up to all your expectations.

Our dedicated teams live and work in every major state across Austalia and with over 20 years experience assisting new arrivals find their perfect home and settle in.

They are ready to meet you and show you around when you arrive down under. 

Before You Leave Home

We ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire explaining what your new life should be like and where you would like it to be.

We ask about your children's educational requirements, sporting and leisure pursuits, what you would like to have in your neighbourhood, from Churches to libraries and find out about the life you are seeking.

Then our team in Australia get to work presenting options and opportunities that meet your requirements and if something just doesn't exist they will let you know that too.

In short, you will have a team of experts who understand your needs with boots on the ground and keen negotiating skills preparing your arrival months before you even leave home.

Going For a Look/See Visit

Many of our clients fly down to Australia a month or two before emigrating with their family, this would be the time when your relocation consultant would meet you on arrival in Australia.

They will take you around and show you the various homes they have shortlisted, Schools that would meet your children's educational requirements and much more. 

Their support and local knowledge will help you decide on the right neighbourhood for your family with confidence.

Knowing every option has been explored and local experts have selected only the best opportunities. Saving you time and costly mistakes.

They are also expert negotiators when it comes to securing a lease at the right price or even persuading the school of your choice to accept your child, even if they may be already fully subscribed. 

They can't walk on water, but they will certainly do everything possible to represent your best interests.

Often our clients combine this visit with job interviews and/or meetings with businesses they may have an interest in. 

If you are undecided which area you want to live in, don't worry we have experts in every major state who can arrange to meet you in all your shortlisted potential destinations.

Settling into your new home

We don't stop when your family arrives. Every client will have questions in those first few weeks about how things work or just need confirmation they are right about something.

Our team remain on hand to provide that support. They arrange introductions to social clubs, sports clubs and other local organisations as requested for your family to ensure everyone has a soft landing, but also hit the ground running.

There is even an opportunity to receive cultural training. Sounds odd to some, but the truth is it can be extremely helpful when dealing with a new life, in a new country.

No one wants to make an easily avoided faux pas, in their first few weeks that could stay with them for many years to come! 

In short, our local teams ensure you and your family has wall-to-wall support, to ensure your move to Australia is smooth, hassle-free and delivers on all your goals.

Complete our online assessment form to discover more and to receive our free PDF guide on relocating to Austalia.

Planning Your Relocation To Australia 

  • Plan a visit to Australia to help decide which city you want to live in. There’s nothing quite like an in-the-flesh experience to meet the people, experience the sights and sounds, and see other factors like lifestyle, traffic, houses, recreational facilities, and culture.
  • Announce your intentions to your family and friends.
  • Investigate your visa options and start preparing a visa application. Remember, some visas can take up to 2 years plus to be granted!
Our Australian Immigration experts will take care of the legal process to ensure your visa is approved.
  • Prepare a budget, including paying off your existing debts and arriving with Australia relocation funds.
  • Collate all your documents such as birth and marriage certificates, references, qualifications etc. You will need these for your visa application. Note: each visa requires different items, so be sure to look through your case with an expert eye, as there can be some hidden requirements.
  • Depending on your Australian visa choice, submit your case.

Our Australian immigration experts will prepare your case.

  • Start investigating renting or buying a house in Australia, including the likelihood and processes around selling your existing home (if applicable).
  • Start networking with Australian companies in your country, or investigate opportunities in Australia.
  • Check your passports to ensure their validity exceeds 2 years.

Our relocation experts will guide you in everything you need to know to make this a smooth process

  • Put your house on the market (if applicable).
  • Investigate what you need to do in order to move your pets (if applicable).

Our relocation experts will guide you on finding the best homes in Australia

  • Research flights to Australia.
  • Start applying for jobs in Australia.
  • If you have kids, inform their schools of your intentions to move to Australia (this has particular significance when moving to Australia from the UK, as the Australian school year runs from January to December and the 6-month difference in the curriculum should be planned for).
  • Research potential schools/universities for your children (if applicable).
  • Contact your pension companies to assess whether to transfer your pension to pensions or superannuations funds Australia or not.
  • Get quotes for moving your possessions
  • Apply for any required police clearances as it can take up to 3 months (some visas require you to submit these with the application and you may require it for certain professions such as teaching).
  • Research the cost of living in Australia, so that you can revise your budget with greater accuracy

Out relocation experts will assist with enrolling your children in the best schools

  • Get your medical/health check done (some visas require you to submit these with the application, though they only have a 1-year validity).

Our Australian Immigration experts will make all the necessary arrangements, at the right time.

  • Book your flights to Australia.
  • Apply for an Australian bank account.
  • Obtain credit references from your bank.
  • Commence the conversation with your employer that you intend to move to Australia (some employers require 3 months notice, but it’s just courteous to give them ample time to hire your replacement and for you to help train them).

Our Relocation experts will guide you on this process and assist you in opening an Australian bank account

  • Pack boxes and ship your possessions to Australia.
  • Start looking work in Australia (sign up with Recruitment agencies in Australia).
  • Book temporary accommodation for the first week or so (or ask any friends if you are able to stay with them).
  • Book a hire car for your first few weeks in Australia.
  • Register your kids at their chosen schools.
  • Arrange for your pets to be sent to Australia.

Our relocation experts will guide you on these steps and make the necessary arrangements

  • Resign from your job.
  • Give notice on your rental lease and find a replacement for your room/flat/house (if applicable).
  • Commence work handover.
  • Remove your name from utility bills and council tax.
  • Give notice on other financial obligations, such as your mobile phone and gym contract.
  • Make arrangements with your bank to close accounts and pay off any debts.
  • Cancel any insurance policies you might have.
  • Cancel all future direct debits and stop orders.
  • Sell your unwanted furniture and appliances.
  • Confirm your flights to Australia bookings.
  • Obtain a no claims bonus form from your insurer – this could save you hundreds of dollars a year on house and car insurance in Australia.
  • List your car in the classifieds or engage with a dealer to sell it.
  • If you have one, send a forwarding address to all your contacts and arrange for a re-direction of your post.
  • Prepare a list of all the companies from whom you receive mail and either cancel, forward to Australia or opt into paperless statements.
  • Plan your farewells.
  • Get work reference.
  • Get a landlord reference, if renting.
  • Start packing up the rest of your possessions (and disposing of those which you don’t want).

Our relocation experts will guide you in what exactly is required in your case and how to present these documents

  • Sort out your Tax Refund and P45 if migrating from Britain.
  • Farewell gatherings.
  • Organise transport to the airport.
  • Cancel your car insurance.
  • Arrange for a money transfer to Australia.

Our relocation experts will put everything in place to ensure this is completed easily

  • Finalise packing, especially if you have kids.
  • Ensure you have your tickets and passports.

Our team look forward to greeting you to Australia and to your new home!

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Emigrating to Australia is more than just a stamp in your Passport.

Our clients require bespoke relocation service so they are confident when they arrive in Australia, everything has been prepared correctly and their new life can begin in earnest.

Our local expertise ensure our clients emigration plans are a complete success.

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