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With over 20 years experience we are ready to assist you with your emigration plans. We hope you find the information provided helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

Our services are designed to provide everybody with the best possible opportunity to live in Australia at the most affordable cost. Our services mean people no longer need to spend hours searching for answers online that may not be relevant to their case or spend hours attending boring seminars that do not address their specific needs. Why drown in paperwork trying to deal with complex, ever-changing immigration laws without guidance?

We provide straightforward advice and support you can trust and we are delighted to be able to offer our fast and simple solutions for an affordable fix fee.

Your case is unique

Your case is unique and will be dealt with on its own unique individual merits. In recent government figures, only 30% of all applicants ultimately secure a permanent residency visa. To put that into context, when three cases are submitted at the same time, each with extremely similar funds, health, age, etc... Two of the three cases will fail to secure a visa. The reason for failure is often how the cases were presented and how they each managed to addresses the current legal and policy requirements of Australia.

Australia continues to only select those people they want to invite. In comparison, our success rate is over 99%, highlighting how a little know-how and 20 years experience often makes a winning difference.

Our Fees & Services

We remain committed to providing everyone with the best possible chance of successfully emigrating. Therefore, we have built various options to help people to secure the level services right for them to ensure they can secure their visa with confidence. Here is our quick fees guide to help you decide on what is right for you.

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Beginning life in Australia

Australia immigration guide

Australian immigration law

Australia immigration guide

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