Canadian Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday To Canada

Are you between 18 and 30 years old and ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
We’ve helped many people like you live and work in Canada as only working holiday makers can. For up to 24 months, you are able to work, travel and enjoy everything Canada has to offer, and leave and re-enter Canada as many times as you like.
Our experience securing International Experience Class visas (“IEC visas”) means your case is in safe hands. We aim to secure your visa in a quick and hassle-free way. Most people who are refused, or simply not selected from the pool of applicants, fail due to an error in their online submission, or by failing to apply the relevant Canadian law when tailoring their application.

Accommodation upon arrival

Relax in the peace of mind you shall have a safe place to sleep after your long flight. We can guide you to the best websites for booking your preferred accommodation before you land. They will only offer well respected, safe and secure accommodation with other Working Holiday Makers and travellers. This is the best way to get the latest gossip, local advice on what’s hot, which can often lead to introductions to local employers, along with making new friends who will become a small or large part of your Canadian adventure!

Work, Work, Work

We are happy to provide guidance on how to source employment in Canada prior to departure. However, we are not a recruitment agency, which is a regulated industry in Canada. Since October 2015, it is a crime in Canada to offer “for profit” immigration employment which does not lead to a job, as this was a scam some companies we using to scam people looking to live and work in Canada.
Canadian employers are conservative in their recruitment policies. Most will not provide a formal offer of employment until they can see you have arrived in the country, can check your documents, and are available to work.

Why Choose Us?

Our years of experience as immigration officers, qualified lawyers and regulated emigration consultants make us uniquely well-qualified to assist you obtain your Canadian IEC working holiday visa.
• Accredited to provide Immigration Assistance;
• Partners with the UK Govt. Foreign & Commonwealth Office – Know Before You Go Campaign;
• Over 20 years experience helping people live and work in Canada;
• Office in Canada for local immigration support post arrival if required;
• We provide impartial advice on flights, accommodation, employment and more and will never try to sell you a “packaged” holiday.
• Most of our clients today are referrals from previous clients.

Get started today

Each year, the Canadian government allocates a limited number of IEC visas to countries around the world.
The allocation to the UK for 2016 was 5,000 visas, and as of this writing (mid-September 2016) the quota has been reached and no further visas will issue for this year.  However, draws for 2017 could begin as early as mid-October 2016, so there is every reason to get started today.
If you think an IEC visa is for you, we encourage you not to delay your application.

Secure Your Visa Now

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We Love Canadian Emigration Law As It Allows People To Live The Life They Always Wanted Without Limitations

Make Your Dreams Come True


- Approved lawyers and ICCRC Agents
- 99% Success Rate
- 94% of clients would refer a friend
- Expert Knowledge of Immigration Control


Dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and great results all at the most competitive rates.

Thank you for everything you were amazing and I would not have been able to secure my visa without you. I am really excited about emigrating it is really happening now. Jake and Holly are both looking forward to their new school who have been really helpful. Julie Windsor
Dear Jack, I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work. I always knew securing a visas to start my new business was going to require effort. I am so pleased with myself that I never attempted this on my own looking back with hindsight. Thank you, Peter Loftus

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