Skilled Visas Overview

The Canadian Immigration Authorities developed the Express Entry System in January 2015.  It incorporated various visa classes into one system in order to help the Canadian Immigration Authorities manage their applications more effectively, including the following skilled visa routes:
  •     Independent (Federal) Skilled Visa 
  •     Provisional Nomination Visa
  •     Work Permits (Employer Sponsored)
For each route a candidate must still meet the minimum skill requirement and have skills that are in demand at a national, provisional or single employer level.  Trades candidates may also be required to secure a Red Seal certificate of competence, or registration from a governing body, if they work in a regulated profession.  This is separate from the skills assessment requirement and is an additional requirement, or barrier, to migration for many people.

To qualify you will be required to achieve a minimum number of points based on various factors which include:

  •     Age   
  •     Qualifications
  •     Experience
  •     Registration with Red Seal/Governing body
  •     English/French Language ability
  •     Spouse
  •     Previous work and education in Canada
  •     Links to Canada/Province
  •     Employer sponsorship
Each factor attracts a maximum number of points, these points will determine whether a candidate is eligible to submit an "Expression Of Interest" - this is where a person is finally able to present themselves to the Federal Immigration Authorities, Provincial authorities and local employers.


This is the most important step in your case; it will determine your eligibility and improve your chances of selection for emigration with sponsorship from an employer, province or federal government.  Offers are made based on a candidates points, those with the highest points will be selected first.  You secure points based on your case history, therefore preparation is vital and key to securing an invite from one of the bodies eligible to make such an invitation.


This is the hardest route into Canada as a skilled worker, however once granted the benefits are valuable.  Your skills are required to be in demand on a national level and your points must also be higher than those with similar skills in the "Expression Of Interest" pool awaiting an invitation.  With Federal Selection you will be granted residency on arrival, you can live and work freely in Canada and you are allowed to bring your family with you to enjoy all that Canada has to offer.


A province may have a shortage of skills not recognised nationally.  In these cases a province may nominate you to come to Canada and work in their region.  These are often excellent ways to emigrate as provinces work hard to grow their skills base.  There is always competition for these visas and you will be selected based on links to the region and your case history points.


An employer who has the necessary licence may make you an offer of employment.  A person is allowed to accept a job offer subject to securing the necessary visa.  Employers will be able to view your "Expression of Interest" application in the Canadian job bank and decide if they wish to offer you employment.  Candidates are also able to contact employers who have a shortage of skills.  It is important prior to accepting any offer that the individual is happy with the employer as it would be devastating to arrive in Canada only to find you are working in a job you do not enjoy.  Once in Canada you can source a new employer but will be required to secure the necessary work permit prior to taking an new role.
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