EU Citizenship By Investment Your Options

EU Citizenship by investment

European Union Investment Visas

While no such program or visa class exists there are several ways to secure EU Citizenship by investment. There are several investment based options available within various countries across the EU.

From the UK to Bulgaria each scheme offers various benefits and qualifying criteria. We assist our clients to find the most suitable investor program to match their individual circumstances and requirements. 

The schemes’ specifics – and costs, ranging from as little as €200,000 to as much as €2.5m  – may vary, but not the principle: in essence, You can invest money in property or businesses, buy government bonds or simply donate cash directly, in exchange for citizenship and a passport within the E.U.

Some EU Countries do not offer citizenship outright to investors, but run schemes usually known as “golden visas” that reward investors with residence permits that can eventually lead – typically after a period of five years – to citizenship.

The programmes are not new, but are growing exponentially, driven by wealthy private investors who demand options in terms of their citizenship and rights as global citizens which any single Passport cannot provide. Securing a second citizenship within the European Union is now often a necessity for those who wish to do business within the EU as opposed to a luxury reserved for only the wealthiest few.

The first investor programme was launched in 1984, a year after young, cash-strapped St Kitts and Nevis won independence from the UK. Slow to take off, it accelerated fast after 2009 when passport-holders from the Caribbean island nation were granted visa-free travel to the 26-nation Schengen zone. Since then countries within the European Union have quickly caught up on the demand and the benefits of citizenship by investment programmes brings to their local economies.

The EU Citizenship by investment programs offer greater security and benefits to most schemes and are now amongst the most popular in the world. 

EU Citizenship by Investment
EU Citizenship by investment

Name: Citizenship for investors

Description: There are several countries within the EU now offering Citizenship to investors.

Each country offers different terms to the investor making it possible to source the option that is right for your circumstances.

We provide tailored solutions to match your requirements to the best possible citizenship by Investment program available with the E.U.

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