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Of the 99 different potential visas to enter Australia, there are different benefits, restrictions and entry criteria for each. That's why it is critical to your success to have a professional migration consultancy on your side.  With our many years of expertise, we will be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.

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In searching for ways to emigrate to Australia you are clearly looking to improve your lifestyle. You are not alone, Australia was built by hard-working migrants just like you, who wanted more than the UK could ever possibly offer and decided to make the move. We are based in the UK to help you emigrate to Australia.

To discover if your eligible to emigrate to Australia and to secure our comprehensive 125-page free guide on starting your new life in Australia, complete our assessment form above. 

Our friendly team are highly respected in our field of Australian immigration law, which includes lawyers and ex-immigration officers with over 20 years experience. We bring a unique range of skills and expertise to provide advice you can rely upon.

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The Challenge Of Emigrating To Australia

While most people appreciate that it is more difficult than ever to meet the required standards for immigration to Australia, you can relax: we can take care of the legal stuff.

Without doubt emigrating to Australia is a complex process. That said, Australia is worth the effort. Being 31 times larger than the UK with only a third of the population there is plenty of room for everyone.

The Australian Migration Law 

The Australia Immigration Act came into law in 1958.  Since then the Immigration Act has been updated almost annually and today is a complex system of immigration control managing the 600+ visas managing how people emigrate to Australia for employment, to be with their families, act as investors or to study.

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