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Haskew Law are acclaimed and accredited Australian emigration experts based in the UK. Our team include lawyers, ex-immigration officers and a wide range of emigration experts.

We are dedicated to making emigration easier for:

✔ Investors
✔ Skilled workers
✔ Retirees
✔ Parents
✔ Partners and;
✔ Children

Selecting the right Australian visa to emigrate

Each individual and family has unique motivations, concerns, requirements and questions when emigrating. Before making the life-changing decision to emigrate, it's important they are confident of a successful outcome.

As each Australian visa for emigration has different benefits, restrictions and qualifying criteria, selecting the correct visa is the first step to achieving that success.

Our acclaimed Australian emigration assessment

We believe, only by understanding your personal situation and requirements fully, is it possible to provide meaningful advice. While the internet can offer useful general information, the most beneficial advice should be tailored to your requirements.

Complete our assessment today and our experts will be happy to assess your eligibility, answer your questions and arrange a free consultation.

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Emigrate as a partner to Australia
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Skills in demand for skilled workers in Australia
Tailored Australian Emigration Solutions
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Booking an Assessment

Complete our online enquiry form and one of our senior managers will be happy to review your requirements and provide feedback on your potential options to emigrate.

At Haskew Law our team are highly acclaimed as ready to manage even the most complex of immigration cases. Our aim, however, is to keep things as simple. We believe it is important our clients are comfortable and remain in control of their emigration plans throughout their move to Australia. We endeavour to protect our clients best interests, while delivering outstanding results.

Managed Australian migration solutions

✔ UK based offices
✔ Free consultations
✔ Experts assess your eligibility
✔ Winning Australian Immigration cases others can't
✔ Thousands of successful clients
✔ Business brokers and recruiters across Australia
✔ Online tools provide fast, effective immigration case management
✔ Guaranteed Australian investment opportunities
✔ Competitive, guaranteed fix fee charging structure
✔ Highly qualified lawyers and ex-immigration officers

Moving to Australia

Emigrating to Australia is more than just completing the paperwork correctly and securing your visa.

Our range of experts enables us to provide a complete relocation solution, our unique blend of skills allow us to assist our wide range of clients by delivering the service they need. We provide a full range of migration services to ensure your plans go as smoothly as possible. Our comprehensive Services includes:

✔ Australian Banking
✔ Australian Real Estate
✔ UK Tax Rebate
✔ Shipping to Australia
✔ Pet Relocation to Australia
✔ Investment Planning
✔ Moving Pensions to Australia
✔ Preparing Australian Wills for Inheritance Tax planning

Our accreditation's...

✔ Investment Migration Council
✔ Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
✔ The International Tax Planning Association
✔ USA Immigration Lawyers Association
✔ Law Society of Upper Canada
✔ US Securities & Exchange Commission
✔ Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

To list just a few of our accreditation's worldwide.

The Benefits of Living in Australia

The Benefits Australian Immigration Provides:

  • A higher standard of living than the UK
  • A strong and growing economy - No recessions in over 27 years
  • No Death Duty or Inheritance taxes
  • Family-focused, community based social structure
  • Excellent free eductional facilities
  • A world class medical system
  • Low crime rates
  • The world's largest homes per-capita
  • A perfect climate for outdoor living
  • Amazing beaches and a majestic Outback

...Australia is truly an amazing place to live.

Australian Skilled Worker Visas

Emigrate as a skilled migrant to Australia

At Haskew Law we are experts in securing skilled migrant visas assisting thousands of people successfully emigrate over the years.

Let us help you to secure your visa and emigrate with confidence.

There are four key migration channels for skilled workers. They each have their own limitations, benefits and qualifying criteria. Each state and designated areas manage their own skills in demand depending on the needs of the local economy.

We are able to find those local opportunities as well as those at the federal level.

The Four Key options for skilled workers:

  • 189 Visas For permanent residence on arrival at a federal level
  • 190 Visas State nominated sponsorship leading to permanent residence
  • 489 Visas State sponsorship with more prohibitive controls, can lead to permanent residence
  • TSS Visas Employer sponsorship - We suggest only accepting this option if you have no alternatives

Some key points to consider:

  • Ability to meet character tests
  • Evidence your skills are in demand
  • Able to achieve 60 points in an assessment
  • Under 45 years
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the public good
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the economy
  • No risk to the public purse

To find out more, complete our FREE assessment and one of our senior skilled migration managers will be happy to provide feedback on all your options.

Understanding Australian Investor Visas

Australia attracts more millionaire investors than anywhere else

At Haskew Law we specialise in residency-by-investment solutions. Our team are able to provide guaranteed investment opportunities that will allow an investor to secure permanent residency immediately on arrival.

Key benefits for investors

  • No Death,Inheritance Taxes,No Taxation on World Wide Income
  • AAA Rated Economy
  • Business friendly environment
  • Permanent Residency granted - On arrival
  • No restriction on the purchasing of property
  • A $1.2m investment required for only 4 years
  • All investments are guaranteed to be returned
  • Almost exact legal,accounting, political system as the UK
  • Tax effective Investment Laws
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No minimum or maximum age limit
  • Access to free education
  • Access to Medicare
  • Fast, easy process to secure your permanent residency

All investments must be made via a member of the Australian Private Equity And Venture Capital Association to be compliant for immigration purposes and to be protected under Australian law.

At Haskew Law our relationships within the investment management community allow us to innovate, adapt and deliver guaranteed investment opportunities for our clients providing immediate permanent residency on arrival with minimal,secured capital investment.

Our support provides

  • Support from a Venture Capital firm to accept our client as a foreign investor
  • Support their Immigration case
  • Source a secure investment opportunity
  • Provide a guarantee to protect our clients investment
  • Australia welcomes those investors who wish to:

    • Retire
    • Be an entrepreneur
    • Become a passive investors

    Recent rules changes are designed to help Australia attract compliant foreign investments leading to permanent residency.

    So whether you'd like to retire to Australia, start a new business or make passive investments to secure your permanent residency we can assist you.

    Haskew Law helps with the strategy, logistics and legal paperwork to make it happen.

    For the third year in a row Australia is the world No.1 destination for foreign investment. The main investors are Chinese, Indian &UK nationals.

    In 2017 Australia accepted 10,0 migrants with a net worth investment of over AUD $1m

    To find out more, complete our assessment form and our senior investment manager will be happy to provide discuss all your options.

Australian Retirement Visas

The Advantages of the Australian Retirement Visas

At Haskew Law we specialise in securing residency and citizenship for Retirees.

In June 2018 the Australian Government withdrew the retirement visa as it was universally unpopular and therefore, under utilised

There are however alternative retirement by investment options still available to those who with to retire to Australia.

Unfortunately,there is now a limit imposed on the number of retirement visas issued per years by investment.

We recommend if you are committed to retiring to Australia you begin your case as soon as possible.

Key benefit of retirement by investment visas

  • No Inheritance Taxes
  • No Taxation on your World Wide income
  • Permanent residence provided
  • No restrictions on purchasing property
  • All investments are guaranteed
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No minimum or maximum age limits
  • Access to Medicare
  • A fast Australian immigration process

To retire in Australia a person is required to make an investment

A compliant investment must be in the Australian public interest for Australia to award permanent residency as the overseas retiree as they did not contribute to the Australian public purse during their working life.

Securing immediate permanent residency on arrival for retirees with minimal, secured capital invested.

To find out more complete our assessment and one of our senior migration for retirement managers will be happy to discuss your options.

Australian Parent Visas

Emigrate To Australia on a Parent Visa

At Haskew Law we specialise in Parent Visas and have assisted thousands of parents to become reunited with their children in Australia. There are no upper age limits and permanent residency is available.

Only a limited number of parent visas are made available each year in the various subclasses. The most relevant visa for you will depend on your age, available funds, the timeframe you are working towards and other qualifying criteria.

While some classes of the parent visas take several years to process, there are opportunities to emigrate in just a few months or sooner assuming your case is prepared correctly.

Some key points to consider:

  • Ability to meet character tests
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the public good
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the economy
  • No risk to the public purse

Due to tightening of the rules and reduction of parent visas available we currently recommend those committed to joining their children secure their parent visa as soon as possible to avoid any potential future disappointment.

Our senior family migration manager would be happy to discuss your options further. Complete our assessment as a "dependent parent" to find out more.

Partners Visas

Securing a spouse or de-facto visa

One of the main attractions of Australia is the emphasis placed on the importance of family. They strive to ensure the family unit is at the heart of all social policies. Therefore, Australia offers Australian residences opportunities for those who wish to join their Australian partner.

While partner-based cases are often lengthy and at the discretion of the Immigration Department, we have assisted hundreds of people to join their loved ones in Australia.

Key points to consider

  • Must be married or in a relationship akin to marraige
  • Co-habitation for 12 months or more
  • Meet character tests
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the public good
  • Demonstrate you will be conducive to the economy
  • No risk to the public purse

To find out more, complete our Assessment form and one of our senior family stream migration managers will be happy to assess all your options.

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Description:The most popular visa classes for Australia are separated into these three basic categories:Skilled worker,Investor and Family class visas. Australian immigrationlaws and policies are continually changing. That is why it is vital to secure expert advice you can trust. The information on Haskew Law is updated continually to remain a leading source of knowledge for everyone who wants to emigrate to Australiaby providing the latest information on the current rules and policies as of today.

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