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We would like to share with you what makes Haskew Law so special. We are unlike any other immigration solution available online. Our helpful project management tools and legal expertise combine to allow everyone to remain in control of their case at home, at work or on the move, making emigration possible for more people. We are making it easier, more enjoyable and stress-free. We remove the need to search endlessly online for answers, worry about doing the right thing or if you will be refused,  people no longer have to waste time attending boring seminars, drown in paperwork or struggle with understanding complexities of the law specific to their case. Our expertise and solutions provide everything a person needs to emigrate. We want everyone to have the best possible outcome in their case.

To discover if you're eligible to emigrate complete our free 1-minute assessment, you can then download our essential, free 129-page guide on starting life in Australia. Which answers 100's of questions from how to transfer your driving licence to dealing with education, accommodation, health, employment rights and much more.

What we do

In this short video, Alex shares our story and explains how we help people to emigrate. By way of a brief introduction, Alex is one of our Australian immigration experts with over 20 years experience working for government, private individuals, and international businesses alike. Alex has lived and work in several countries during his career from Australia, South Africa, India, Canada, USA, Philippines and Ireland. His passion for immigration law and helping others is infectious amongst those of us who work with him.

Finding The Right Visa For You

Of the 99 different potential visas to enter Australia, there are different benefits, restrictions and qualifying criteria. That's why it is critical to have a professional migration consultancy on your side.  With our many years of expertise, we will be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.

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The Challenge Of Emigrating To Australia

While most people appreciate that it is more difficult than ever to meet the required standards for immigration to Australia, you can relax: we can take care of the legal stuff.

Without a doubt, emigrating to Australia is a complex process. That said, Australia is worth the effort. Being 31 times larger than the UK with only a third of the population there is plenty of room for everyone.

The Australian Migration Law

The Australia Immigration Act came into law in 1958.  Since then the Immigration Act has been updated almost annually and today is a complex system of immigration control managing how people emigrate to Australia for employment, to be with their families, act as investors or to study.

Complete our free assessment to secure your guide and we shall even provide a copy of the Australian laws that will affect your case.

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