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Our specialist area of expertise is Permanent Residency by Investment for those wishing to secure Permanent residency on arrival without the need for a skilled migrant visa.

Permanent Residency by Investment

Migration by investment programmes are now the fastest growing area of Australian immigration law, as people come to realise Australian residency by investment is not just a desirable way to emigrate, but a vital part of many effective Australian immigration cases. Especially popular with people over 45 years or those not suitable for skilled worker routes. There are several investor options currently available.

Family Members

There as visa options via multiple Australian emigration streams to facilitate family reunions. If you wish to join loved ones, find out more about the proposed changes and how we can assist with your plans.


There are options for those over 45 years old. Providing the advantage of permanent residency on arrival.

Skilled Migrant

To work in Australia, you must first secure the necessary approval from the Australian immigration department. Skilled migrants must be under 45, with a profession on the Australian skills shortage list and able to achieve a minimum of 65 points in the emigration points test. There are three main skilled worker streams the 189, 190 and 491. The emigration process takes approx 12-24 months, if successful.

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