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Emigrate to Canada without a job offer

You do not need a job to apply for a visa -- but you will need a visa or work permit to work in Canada. We can guide you toward being 'work ready', and help you secure permanent residency upon arrival.

Business, Entrepreneur & Investor Visas

Whether you'd like to start a new business, buy one in need of fresh leadership, or would like to turn a qualifying investment into permanent residency, we help with the strategy and logistics to secure your visa.

Expert Canadian Emigration Advice

Our UK-based experts provide jargon-free Canadian emigration advice across all visa categories.

Find the Canadian Emigration Pathway for You

You may find you are eligible to apply for more than one type of visa class. With Haskew Law's expertise, you can be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.

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Canadian Opportunity

As of December 2018, it was estimated that 500,000 jobs remained unfilled in Canada on an annual basis. That's up from the 250,000/year estimate of previous years.  

It is easy to see why Canada has such a robust economy. Bursting with natural resources, benefiting from an affluent and highly educated population, and with the best access to US markets of any country in the world, Canada is poised for continued success.

Combine all of that with a world-class health care system, unrivalled free education, an outdoor lifestyle suited to Canada's spectacular open spaces, all enjoyed by a population half that of the UK.  It is no surprise that Canada's quality of living consistently out-ranks the UK and regularly tops the OECD's list of best places to live. Canada truly remains a land of opportunity.

The easiest way to emigrate to Canada

The best way to get to Canada -- the successful route through a competitive system -- is to avoid short-cuts, and ensure your application has the necessary edge over other applicants. Just ask any of the 300,000 new visa recipients who arrived in Canada last year!

Make this the year you join them.  The experts at Haskew Law can help find a strategy to get to Canada that works for you, and ensure your application has the best chance of success.

Relax while we take care of the legal stuff

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2001 is the central legislation controlling all aspects of immigration. But it is not the only relevant law, and it and various other relevant acts are updated regularly to reflect shifts in politics and geopolitical realities. Today Canada’s immigration law is a complex system of managing how people emigrate to Canada, whether for jobs or study, to be with loved ones, or to build businesses or invest.

Haskew Law's experts can help you navigate the complex Canadian immigration system, to help you get to Canada whether for jobs, to be with loved ones, or to build businesses or invest.

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To find out more about Canadian visas, and to see whether you’re eligible to live and work in Canada, take our free online assessment now (above).  It only takes a minute and could be your best first step on the road to a new life in Canada!

Emigrate to Canada
Canadian Visa Options Haskew Law

Name: Canadian Emigration Options and Opportunities

Description: Canada's standard of living leads the world, and Canadian immigration laws have changed to allow in more applicants than ever. Find out how the law applies to your specific case. Haskew Law's online case management tools, expert service, and packages to suit your needs will help you to make Canada your new home!

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