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Our aim is to make it easier for anyone who wants to emigrate. We assist with a wide range of cases, from partners to parents, skilled workers to investors and entrepreneurs. You can relax knowing your case is in safe hands, and your case will be given the best chance of success.

We remove the need to search endlessly for answers online, or worry about whether you are filing the right form, or providing the right answers. And no longer will you waste time attending boring seminars, drown in paperwork, or struggle with understanding the complexities of the law specific to your case.

Emigrate to Canada without a job offer

Looking for a job first? Don't waste too much time: these days few Canadian immigrants get jobs before securing permanent residency. For Canadian employers to hire you legally, you need to be secure your authorisation to work in Canada. However, once you are 'work ready', an introduction to the right employer, at the right time, goes a long way. That is why we are partnered with over 100 recruitment specialists and are in regular contact with leading employers across Canada. 

Entrepreneurs & Investors Welcome

Canada welcomes entrepreneurs and investors with open arms -- and recent rules changes have been designed to help Canada to steal a march on their big neighbour to the south. So whether you'd like to start a new business, buy one in need of fresh leadership, or simply make an investment to secure permanent residency, we can help with the strategy and logistics to make it happen for your family.

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Find the Right Canadian Emigration Path

Of the scores of different potential visas to enter Canada, there are different benefits, restrictions and entry criteria for each. That's why it is critical to your success to have a professional migration consultancy on your side.  With our many years of expertise, we will be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.

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The easiest way to emigrate to Canada

The easiest way to get into trouble is by underestimating the challenge posed by the Canadian immigration system.

For too many applicants, Canada’s Express Entry program is neither quick nor does it result in entry to Canada: in 2016 fewer than 10% of applicants secured visas! Unofficial numbers for 2017 look more promising, but successful applicants don’t play the numbers.

The best way to get to Canada -- the successful route through a competitive system -- is to avoid short-cuts, and ensure your application has the necessary edge over other applicants. 

Still a land of opportunity

And Canada is certainly worth the effort. Nearly the size of Russia, burgeoning with resources, and with the best access to US markets of any country in the world, it is easy to see why Canada has such a robust economy. Pair that with a population less than half that of the UK, and Canada truly remains a land of opportunity. No surprise either that Canada also consistently out-ranks the UK and regularly tops the list of countries with the best quality of living anywhere.

Relax while we take care of the legal stuff

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2001 is the central legislation controlling all aspects of immigration. But it is not the only relevant law, and it and various other relevant acts are updated regularly to reflect shifts in politics and geopolitical realities. Today Canada’s immigration law is a complex system of control systems managing how people emigrate to Canada, whether for jobs or study, to be with loved ones, or to build businesses or invest.

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Description: Myths about securing Canadian visas persist, and online forums often contain the wrong advice. Canadian immigration laws change constantly, and boring seminars won't tell you how the law applies to your specific case. Haskew Law's online case management tools, expert personal service, and packages to suit your needs allow you to control your case with confidence.

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