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Of the 600 different potential visas to enter Canada, there are different benefits, restrictions and entry criteria for each. That's why it is critical to your success to have a professional migration consultancy on your side.  With our many years of expertise, we will be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.

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Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The most prized visa to Canada is undoubtedly the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, which allows complete freedom of employment and residence in Canada.  This visa exists to support Canada economically and commercially: as Canada grows so does it's need for particular professional skill sets.  Unfortunately this 'Holy Grail' of visas has a lengthy application process, which can take up to two years to complete, and which carries no guarantee of success.

Canadian Work Permit

 The Work Permit was designed to help existing Canadian employers who are finding it difficult to source and hire the type of skilled employee their business needs from the citizens resident in Canada.  These employers apply to the Canadian Immigration Authorities to hire a foreign national to fill the vacant position. A Canadian Work Permit application is rigorously assessed by the HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada), whose purpose is to ensure that immigration laws are not being circumvented, and that employers are not taking financial advantage of a foreign labour force. The HRSDC will look to ensure that the employment offer and application intent is genuine, and may make thorough investigations of both the employer, and you as the potential employee.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) Visa

The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) visa is similar to a Work Visa, but it restricts the applicant to work and live in a specified province. The criteria for these types of visa is changeable, according to the needs and political whims of the individual province, and there is often a strict limit to the number issued each year.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

There is an option to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit if an overseas national has completed a full time course of higher education at a Canadian institution. The Post-Graduate Work Permit is issued for the same duration that the course ran for, so long as the course was for a period longer that 8 months.  Naturally there are criteria that must be met and there is an upper limit to the Work Permit's duration, however it is possible to apply for a different type of visa whilst holding this type of Work Permit.  Many graduates who wish to stay and work in Canada are hugely grateful for this opportunity to extend their stay, giving them a chance to seek employment which will hopefully lead to employer sponsorship.

Business Investor Visas

In addition to skills, Canada is looking to attract investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. So, for those who have the financial clout to demonstrate certain minimum levels of net worth (which vary by province), a Business or Investment Visa could be the ticket.  The process to apply for this type of visa is much like applying for a bank loan, however, unlike a bank loan once approval has been given your Business or Investment Visa will be swiftly issued!

To find out more about Canadian visas, and to see whether you’re eligible to live and work in Canada, take our free online assessment now.  It only takes a minute and could be your first step on the road to a new life in Canada.

What are the general requirements for entering Canada?

Canada is the destination of choice for millions of visitors, students and aspiring citizens due to the country's high standard of living and highly regarded educational institutions. It is important, however, to understand the underlying aims of Canada's immigration policy before considering a relocation.

The Canadian government has a duty of care to its citizens, to ensure they are protected from dangerous foreign nationals. Accordingly, anyone seeking one of a variety of permanent or long-term residency visas:

  •     Must be deemed to be beneficial to the economy
  •     Must be considered instrumental in maintaining the public good
  •     Must not be a burden on public funds
  •     Must not, under any circumstances, attempt to circumvent immigration laws

With these aims in mind, it is important to consider carefully the various options available before applying for a Canadian visa, some of which are outlined above.

For most Canadian visa applications, immigration officials will also ask candidates to prove they are in good health and are of good character, which is why they require a doctor's certificate and police report with each application. In addition they may also require proof of your proficiency in either English or French, the two national languages of Canada.

Expression of Interest

Despite Canada's massive geographical spread (second largest country in the world after Russia!) it holds a population of just 35 million, less than half that of the UK.  That's partly why Canada is always looking for new citizens who can contribute to the growth of the country's diverse economy. As such immigration officials are most receptive to applications that demonstrate a candidate's ability to make substantial economic contributions to local markets.

With economic growth apparently in mind, in 2015 the Canadian immigration authority implemented a new immigration route for potential citizens, based on the Australia immigration system. It is called 'Expression of Interest', and it allows professional and highly skilled applicants to enter into a talent pool. When demand for a specific skill set increases, the Canadian immigration authority includes those skills on its short list, and candidates in the pool with relevant skills can be invited to apply for a visa.

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