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A robust economy helps Canada maintain its world-beating rankings for quality of life, year after year.  And that's not something Canadians take for granted.

Canada is a nation built on trade, and it continues to work to maintain strong ties not just with the US, which remains the largest market in the world and its largest trading partner, but with markets throughout the world.

Unlike the States, where immigration routes remain expensive and subject to suspension, Canada harbours no such uncertainties in welcoming entrepreneurs and investors.  If anything, Canada has taken advantage of the political storms to the south to refresh its welcoming stance towards inward investment.

That openness and welcoming stance makes Canada a top choice for entrepreneurs looking for a new home in a stable, affluent jurisdiction. 

Canada offers several routes for business visas, and making the right choice may depend on your business experience and capital available.

We have years of experience helping to set-up the business and legal infrastructure that goes hand-in-hand with the business visa applications, and we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Starting a Business in Canada

Business entrepreneur visas usually provide the holder provisional residency in Canada to allow you to get started. That provides a powerful incentive to successful business people worldwide, but it is also a benefit that is not conferred lightly.

As a business owner or investor, you already know how much dedication and commercial nous is required to start and run a successful business. Our professional service takes the stress out of business migration piece, so you can concentrate on building your business.

We help to shape your business proposal into a thorough, detailed legal argument, which demonstrates compliance with Canadian visa parameters, ensures your candidacy has the best chance of success without suffering unnecessary set-backs, delays or refusal.

Canada excels at welcoming and encouraging entrepreneurs

You and your business could benefit from low tax and business rates all across the country that is designed to encourage strong economic growth. Canada can provide your company with the infrastructure platform it needs to compete at a global level.

The Canadian government expects new entrepreneurs to pay their own way — particularly if you are using this route as a means to obtain a visa!

You will have to show that you can support yourself financially, both personally and professionally, until your business is up, running and financially stable. Depending on the size of your family, the amount you need in the bank will vary.

Our free online assessment tool is the best way to get your case for Canadian business immigration underway. Simply choose ‘Business Investor or Entrepreneur’, complete the form, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Business Visas Excellent Alternative Route to Emigrate to Canada
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