Canada – Primary Industries Jobs

Canada's Primary Industries Maintain Skills Demand

For the determined and hard-working there are plenty of opportunities in Canada. The nation's primary industries are part of the backbone of Canada's robust economy, and continue maintain high demand for skilled workers.
This list contains all of the job categories which qualify for the skilled worker visa class, and for which Canadian employers can hire foreign workers in this sector. (NB: This list may be revised without notice, and is intended as a guide only).
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High Demand Skills in Primary Industry

 Supervisors, Logging and Forestry
Supervisors, Logging and Forestry
Supervisors, Mining, Oil and Gas
Supervisors, Mining and Quarrying
Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service
Underground Miners, Oil and Gas Drillers and Related Workers
Underground Production and Development Miners
Oil and Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers and Related Workers
Logging Machinery Operators
Logging Machinery Operators
Contractors, Operators and Supervisors in Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture
Farmers and Farm Managers
Agricultural and Related Service Contractors and Managers
Farm Supervisors and Specialized Livestock Workers
Nursery and Greenhouse Operators and Managers
Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Contractors and Managers
Supervisors, Landscape and Horticulture
Aquaculture Operators and Managers
Fishing Vessel Masters and Skippers and Fishermen/women
Fishing Masters and Officers
Fishing Vessel Skippers and Fishermen/women

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