Canadian Investor Visas

Canada wants sophisticated investors,and offers several routes to permanent residency for entrepreneurial investors. Which route is right for you may depend on your business experience,capital available and where in Canada you wish to live. 
Our expert emigration lawyers and advisors have years of experience advising on the process of using a qualifying investment to help secure a Canadian permanent residency visa.

Lower thresholds than you might think!

Some Canadian business visa programs require showing net worth of as little as CAN $250,0,and investments of as little as CAN $100,000. That’s small change compared to similar routes to the UK,Australia and New Zealand,which require between $5-$10 million — and do not offer permanent residence.
If you think you could make an investment into Canada you will need to prove:
- A legally gained net worth at least CAN $250k,but this amount varies between provincial programs;
- An ability to invest at least $100,0,again varying by province;
- Considerable experience in running a business;
- Good health and good character.
If you can,your investment portfolio could benefit from low tax and business rates,and you could obtain a permanent residency visa not otherwise available.

Bespoke solutions for sophisticated business clients

As ever,there is more than one route for investors to achieve their aims.
Some of our business visa clients prefer "hands on" control their business,while others retain oversight but prefer to delegate rote management duties.
Whatever their preference,our clients rely on us to guide them through the visa application,help build their Canadian legal infrastructure,introduce them to our network of Canadian contacts,so as to ensure they "hit the ground running" upon arrival.
Try our free online assessment tool below for immediately feedback,and to have one of our expert advisors review your case. Choose "Business Investor & Entrepreneur" visas from the options in our assessment tool,and we'll soon have you on your way to Canada. 

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