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Manitoba Provincial Nominations

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has two different selection processes, one for skilled workers and one for entrepreneurs. All applicants approved by the MPNP become provincial nominees.
Workers selected for long-term employability
It is important to note that among the eligibility criteria, the MPNP stresses the importance of candidates' willingness and ability to "make a long-term contribution to the Manitoba labour market and to demonstrate their bona fide intention to settle as permanent residents in our province." This reflects the ongoing issue of Manitoba being used as a stepping-stone to residency in other provinces. As a result, if suspicion is raised that you do not intend to stay, your invitation to a permanent residency visa may be jeopardised.
There are two paths for skilled applicants: one for those already working in Manitoba, and a second for foreign nationals who can "demonstrate their adaptability to Manitoba through strong connections, a viable settlement plan and sufficient, independent financial resource" as well as meeting the usual Express Entry points test for age, education and training, work experience, and language ability.
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Entrepreneur Visas

Manitoba is happy to welcome experienced entrepreneurs who wish to create new business and employment opportunities for the province. Indeed, Manitoba is particularly attractive for entrepreneurs who may not be able to afford the net worth minimums of British Colombia or Ontario.
In Manitoba, you need to demonstrate a minimum net worth of just CAN $350k, and have the liquidity to commit to an investment of CAN $100k, with a further CAN $100k held as a deposit against that commitment.
As with other provincial entrepreneur visas, Manitoba does not impose an age limit upon applicants, and there is an educational qualification waiver for those with business ownership or experience that meets specified criteria.

Manitoba Values its Farmers

Manitoba's Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI) provides permanent residency visa options for individuals with proven farm business experience, and sufficient available investment capital, who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba.
Successful applicants to the FSRI program will be expected to establish a farm business in rural Manitoba producing primary products consistent with the province’s current farm industry. 

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Manitoba Provincial Immigration
Manitoba PNP visa options

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Description: Locals will tell you Manitoba is an unheralded gem. Manitoba is built on its abundant agriculture and natural resources, so its a great place to start if you're willing to work hard, and grab some of the great opportunities hidden in its provincial nomination programs.

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