Ontario Provincial Nomination Visas

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Ontario Provincial Nominations

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is an immigration program by which individuals and their families may be nominated for permanent resident status based on a pre-approved job offer in the province.
Note that this is an employer (not employee) oriented program: the Ontario provincial government explicitly states that the OINP was established to help employers succeed in the global competition for talent. The OINP program is designed in part to assist employers recruit qualified, skilled workers by allowing Ontario employers to recruit and fill full-time positions with foreign nationals.
Once recruited by an employer, individuals who meet all of the OINP requirements may be nominated by the province for permanent residence as Provincial Nominees.


Entrepreneur Visas

Ontario is looking to attract experienced entrepreneurs with sufficient capital to create new business and employment opportunities in the province. If you can demonstrate a minimum net worth of CAN $800k, and have the liquidity to commit to an investment of not less than CAN $500k, an Ontario entrepreneur visa could be a viable option. 
Additional benefits of the Ontario entrepreneur visa include the fact there is no age limit for applicants, and there is an educational qualification waiver for those with business ownership or experience that meets specified criteria.

Expiry Date: Truth in Advertising

Ontario is quite forthright about the fact that immigration programs that are available today may be gone tomorrow and without any notice. Note their unequivocal disclaimer:
"The Government of Ontario reserves the right to change any aspect of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, including any time limits, nomination categories, eligibility criteria, distribution of nominations by category and supporting documentation requirements, at any time and without notice." 
So be wary: eligibility today may not mean jam tomorrow!
Or in other words, if you may be eligible for any of these programs, and Ontario is your top choice destination, do not delay your application unduly.

Finding The Right Visa For You

Of the scores of different potential visas to enter Canada, there are different benefits, restrictions and entry criteria for each. That's why it is critical to your success to have a professional migration consultancy on your side.  With our many years of expertise, we will be sure to find the visa that perfectly fits your needs.
To see if there is an Ontario provincial visa you might be eligible for, take our Free Consultation now.  It only takes a minute and could be your first step on the road to a new life in Ontario. 
Ontario - Provincial Visas
Discover your Ontario PNP visa options

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Description: There's no secret that Toronto's big-city, multi-cultural charms are among the biggest draws to Canada. But don't overlook the national capital Ottawa, or the many towns and regional cities scattered between Kingston, Niagara and Detroit. All can be accessed with the help of the Ontario PNPs, well worth a look for those who might qualify.

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