Yukon & The North – Provincial Visas

Canada's three northernmost provinces -- Yukon, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut --  together represent nearly 40% of Canada's total land area at a staggering 3.49 million square kilometres. 
Yet across all three provinces are scattered just over 100,000 people, or less than 0.3% of Canada's total population.
For some, those statistics have in them the ring of opportunity. And that is certainly what the three respective provincial governments would like you to consider when planning your move to Canada.
All three offer variations of the provincial skilled worker visa, and the Yukon has a particularly attractive entrepreneur's visa.
For others, the grand vistas and incomparable wilderness of these places is at the very heart of Canada's allure.  If you are among them, we would be pleased to have a conversation to help you match your goals with the offerings of the Great White North -- whether in Yellowknife, Whitehorse, or Cambridge Bay.

Visa programs of particular interest include:

- Yukon's business entrepreneur program, which requires a showing of CDN $250k, an investment commitment of CDN $100k, and a business review period of two years;
- Northwest Territories has a similar entrepreneur visa program with net worth and investment commitments for rural development that match Yukon's offering, but which requires higher showings of net worth (CDN $500k) and investment commitments (CDN $250k) for businesses within the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife.

Finding The Right Visa For You

To learn more about provincial visas for Yukon, Nunavut or the Northwest Territories, and for advice on your eligibility for these and other federal and provincial visas, try our free online assessment above, and choose "Permanent Work Visa" or "Business Investor or Entrepreneur".
Yukon & The North - Provincial Visas
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