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Emigration to Canada can provide you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the highest standards of living available anywhere, and thousands of families successfully emigrate every year.

Our UK-based team is led by a Canadian barrister, to provide friendly, jargon-free Canadian advice and support. For over 20 years, we have been committed to helping people emigrate permanently as smoothly as possible.

Permanent Residency via Express Entry

Canadian federal and provincial governments have their own rules and criteria, annual caps, and funds required to qualify, but most roads lead to Express Entry.

It can be confusing to find the best option for you, and imperative that you figure this out before submitting anything via Express Entry!

We deliver a wide range of solutions tailored to your circumstances to secure permanent residency.

What if I Do Not Qualify?

First, don't be misled by online points calculators. Your case is unique, and we help discover opportunities for clients who thought they weren't eligible.

Points are important, but there is more to the process than meets the eye. Many applicants have found us after becoming confused and frustrated, or contact us only after it is too late for us to help. 

Do it right the first time, and don't risk stumbling into a mistake you can't reverse. Our UK-based team can offer solutions that could help you secure permanent residency in Canada.

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Express Entry eligibility and ranking

To secure Canadian permanent residency, skilled workers will need to apply via Canada's Express Entry processing system.

The Express Entry system ranks candidates against various criteria, including:

  • Education;
  • On-the-job experience;
  • Skills transferability;
  • Provincial nominations, if applicable;
  • Accompanying spouse or life partner factors, if applicable;
  • Qualifying offers of employment.

Candidates are then selected against their points ranking. Distinctions between candidates can come down to a difference of one or two points. There are even rules for tie-breaking!

I've been rejected. What now?

Don't let the 'Express Entry' marketing fool you: for thousands of applicants, the process is neither quick, nor does it result in Canadian residency or a work permit. Many applicants find their submissions are rejected before any assessment has taken place. Why?

Too many applicants approach the challenge as a simple form-filling exercise. It is not. You are making a legal argument, to a foreign government (which owes you nothing), that you are the candidate they are looking for to share the benefits Canada has to offer.

It is a highly competitive process, and the burden of proving your case remains on you. Canadian you won't be given helpful pointers along the way. 

That's where we can help. We work to ensure you have the best chance of receiving an invitation to apply for a permanent residency visa. Most of our clients have decided to get the professional assistance necessary to do it right the first time.

A bit more about Express Entry

‘Express Entry’ is not a Canadian visa. Rather, it’s the marketing name of an emigration applicant processing system, which Canada introduced in 2015. 

The Express Entry process is used to select candidates for immigration into Canada, which replaced a first-filed, first-answered queueing system. The old system left thousands of applicants waiting for years before their cases were reviewed. Applicants with weak cases would be considered ahead of better applicants, so long as they were ahead in the queue.

Under federal economic immigration programs, eligible candidates are permitted to enter the Express Entry Pool. Therefore, the first step is to determine a client's eligibility for any of a number of Express Entry programs.

We can help. Use our free assessment tool above, to determine whether Express Entry might be for you.

Bespoke Relocation Services

Our clients benefit from exceptional relocation support. From helping finding their perfect home, to enrolling their children in the very best schools.

We have relocation experts in every major state and city on hand to meet our clients on arrival.

Our aim is to arrange everything our clients may require to relocate and settle into their perfect new home quickly.

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Canadian Express Entry System Explained
Discover how Skilled Workers Emigrate to Canada via Express Entry

Name: Fundamentals regarding the Express Entry system for Skilled Workers

Description: Express Entry certainly beats the file-and-queue system, with its multi-year waiting times! But don't be confused: EE isn't an emigration program, its just a system for sorting out the best visa applicants. And, it has NOT replaced the legal gearbox that drives the whole thing. So there is real danger that the simplified online interface causes you to miss essential issues.

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