Canadian Family Visas – The ULTIMATE Guide

Canadian Permanent Residency for Family members

Joining Your Family in Canada

Nothing is more important than family

If  you have family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, you'll already know about all the benefits of living in Canada! Chances are also good they've suggested you make the leap, and join them in Canada.
It is well-known that Canadians can sponsor overseas partners -- see our Spousal & Partnership Visa page, if that applies to you. But you don't need a Canadian partner for your family ties to help.
The Canadian government recognises the importance of family reunification, and provides various ways that family connections can help your Canadian emigration application.

Family Opportunties

Finding the best visa for your circumstances is rarely simple, but a family connection to Canada can make a real difference to your application. Our Canadian immigration experts focus on permanent residency solutions, and can help you find the best route to Canada. 
Use our Canada assessment tool, and choose "Family Sponsorship" for some quick feedback to discover if this pathway might be right for you and your family.

Canadian Family Sponsors

Sponsorship may be an important part of an immigration case, but what exactly is a sponsor?
In the context of family emigration options, a sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of eighteen, who is able to prove they are financially able to support the sponsored applicants when they arrive in Canada.
Financially able usually means having a steady job, income to spare, and savings in their bank account.
The policy behind this test is that it assures the Canadian government that new arrivals can look to their Canadian sponsors before turning to government assistance. If the sponsored migrant runs into trouble, their sponsors must be able to provide their first line of support. 
Our Canadian immigration experts can help you answer your sponsorship questions, and find the best route to maximise the benefits.

Canadian Nominees

The Canadian Nominee category is for relatives of Canadian citizens who are under the age of 18 and unmarried. To get your case approved (or that of the minor you are assisting) you have to provide documentary evidence that you are related to the Canadian sponsor.
If you are a relative over the age of 18, you will not normally be eligible for sponsorship under this scheme. However, you may still benefit from your family connection under other visas categories. 
And, if your sponsor does not have any relatives who would be eligible, then an older relative may be considered.
Haskew Law's UK-based experts can assist by advising how best to take advantage of the available benefits to ensure your application is a success.

Parents and Grandparents

The opportunity to sponsor parents, or grandparents, for Canadian emigration is a key benefit for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
This hugely popular programme is subject to an annual cap on applications, and it is always over-subscribed. Unsurprisingly, it has also been tinkered with by Canadian policymakers in recent years, in the interest of serving applicants quickly and fairly. And it is unlikely that tinkering is finished! 
Haskew Law's Canadian experts can provide get up-to-date advice about the programme's latest requirements and filing deadlines, and help you or your sponsored family to make sure you don't miss a trick.  
Canadian Family Reunification Visas
Family sponsorship emigration to Canada

Name: Family Sponsorship Provides Route to Canada

Description: More people acquire permanent residency in Canada through family reunification visas than any other category. However, there remain tough criteria to meet, and many applicants will find there are other, better ways to get to Canada. If you have Canadian family members, this could be your best place to start.

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