Canadian Family Sponsorship Options

Nothing is more important than our families.
The Canadian government recognises the primacy of families by permitting citizens and permanent residents to sponsor overseas partners (and, see our Spousal & Partnership Visa page), and near relations to join them to live in Canada.

No simple choice.

Choosing the best visa for your circumstances may not be simple.
Many of our clients ask us about family visas, but find better options -- and shorter wait times -- with alternative routes to permanent residency in Canada.
Use our visa assessment tool (below), and choose "Canadian Family Sponsorship visa" for some quick feedback to discover if this visa class might be right for you and your family's needs.


Canadian Visa Nominees

The Canadian Visa Nominee category is for relatives of Canadian citizens who are under the age of 18 and unmarried. To get your case approved (or that of the minor you are assisting) you have to provide documentary evidence that you are related to the Canadian sponsor.
If you are a relative over the age of 18, you will not normally be eligible for sponsorship under this scheme but you may gain extra points under other visas for having a Canadian relative.
If your sponsor does not have any relatives who would be eligible, then an older relative may be considered.
The Canadian government will require evidence, in the form of a medical screening, that you are in good health. You will also be required to demonstrate a clean criminal history, or apply to to be considered rehabilitated from past offenses.

Canadian Family Sponsors

For certain visa types sponsorship is an important part of the immigration case, but what exactly is a sponsor?
A sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of eighteen, and able to prove they are financially able to support the sponsored applicants when they arrive in Canada.
Financially able usually means having a steady job, income to spare, and savings in their bank account.
The main point of this test is that the Canadian government is not soon asked to pay benefits to new family members shortly after arriving, having said they can pay their own way. If you run into trouble, you'll need to turn to your family for support first. 

Canadian Sponsor's Parents and Grandparents

The opportunity to sponsor parents, or grandparents, for permanent residency is a key benefit for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
This hugely popular programme is subject to an annual cap on applications, and is always over-subscribed. It has also been tinkered with by Canadian policymakers in recent years, in the interest of serving applicants quickly and fairly.
It is unlikely that tinkering is finished, so it is imperative you get up-to-date advice about the programme's latest requirements and filing deadlines. 
Canadian Family Reunification Visas
Haskew Law helps with Canada Family Sponsorship visas

Name: Family Visas Provide Route to Canada

Description: More people acquire permanent residency in Canada through family reunification visas than any other category. However, there remain tough criteria to meet, and many applicants will find there are other, better ways to get to Canada. If you have Canadian family members, these visas could be your best place to start.

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