Employment overview in Canada

The top reason our clients emigrate to Canada

It's neither a secret nor a surprise that the reason our clients most frequently cite when choosing to go to Canada is career advancement.

As dream destinations go, Canada is an excellent choice for jobs and career opportunities.
Canada's chronic shortage of skilled workers, across all sectors of the economy, has only intensified with the grey-ing of their working population.  Approximately 250,000 skilled jobs remain unfilled at present, and some say this figure is actually much higher.
We assist our clients with every element of the skilled worker emigration process, from honing the application to make it stand-out among competitors, to putting you in touch with our Canadian colleagues and recruitment contacts once you are eligible to entertain job offers.
If you have a university degree and work experience, or at least two years of post-secondary education in a trade, you maybe eligible to live and work in Canada.  We can help you take your first step to a new life in Canada! Complete our free online Assessment now, for immediate online feedback, and a case review by one of our expert emigration advisors.

How Do I Find Work?

The first step on the way to a Canadian job is for us to complete your skills assessment.  Once completed we will have confirmed you pass the mark of eligibility to submit your "Express Entry Expression of Interest".
Once you are in the applicant pool you, will be competing with other overseas applicants from across the globe who match your skill set.  This is why it is vital that your application is presented in the best possible way in order to stand out from the crowd.  And its why you should be skeptical about any proposal to put your application into the pool in a matter of days. By contrast, we work to ensure your application is in the strongest position possible prior to submission.
Once you are in the pool you have two options: The first is to do nothing and wait for a Canadian employer or province to approach you with an offer.
The second option, the one we recommend, is to approach the challenge as you would any job search, and to contact employers who are looking for your skills and expertise.
Our UK team and Canadian colleagues coordinate to promote our clients' best interests, to local employers and provinces. We keep you informed about new opportunities, and actively market our candidates.

What Guarantee can you offer that I will secure a job?

Despite being the second largest country by geographical size after Russia, Canada has a population of only 35 million: half that of the UK.
The skilled worker visa route exists to help the Canadian economy fill jobs Canadian employers could not otherwise fill from the local labour base, and to reinforce those parts of the Canadian economy that have been targeted for growth.
After all, poaching skills from abroad is far more cost-effective than growing those skills from the local population, and the Canadian government knows it.

What that means for skilled workers is simple: job opportunities.

To get a job, you must pass the eligibility criteria, your skills must be in demand, and your references must stand on their own merits. Of course we never guarantee a job for every applicant: and you wouldn't believe us if we did (and rightly so).
What we can do is prepare your case to demonstrate that your education, skills and experience qualify you to meet the standards required to emigrate to Canada, and moreover, that you are a stand-out among your professional peers. That job done, your permanent residency visa will open the doors to whatever opportunities may await you in Canada.
If you would like to live and work in Canada the next step is simple.  Just complete our online assessment form and we will contact you to discuss your options.

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