Skilled Trades Jobs in Canada

Skilled Trades Workers Routes to Canada

Canada Needs Skilled Trades People

Canada needs experienced, skilled trades people.  Too few young workers are taking up trades, while experienced workers are retiring, leaving big gaps in Canada's surging demand for skills. And this at a time when over 500,000 jobs remain unfilled in Canada every year (estimated as of December 2018). 
We can put you on the path to a new life in Canada, with opportunities far exceeding those of the crowded UK market. Contact us today to get started on your visa, as your first step to opening the door to a new life in Canada.

Your Skills Count! 

Canada recognises that on-the-job experience may stand-in for formal qualifications. As a rule of thumb, skilled workers will need to demonstrate at least three years of post-apprenticeship experience to become eligible for a visa. 
Immigration officers won't simply take your word for it, but we can help you to prove your case. That's why the first step for us is to assess your qualifications, skills and experience to ensure you've got what it takes to meet the standards required to emigrate to Canada.  

You've got what it takes.

There are many trades jobs that are both in high demand, and require sufficient training and experience that not anyone could simply rock-up and fill the position.

Do you have a skill like that, but can't find your trade on our list?  Don't assume its not there: it may be hiding under a title used primarily in Canada. We can help find the route that will get you there.

The Job is the Thing.

Finding a job in Canada -- or better, having one waiting for you upon arrival -- is an important issue for perhaps all of our clients. How your visa application case is prepared may well be the key factor in determining your success.  
Take your time, get good advice, and treat your application as a one-shot opportunity. And once you've got the visa, we can introduce you to the employers and recruiters who are looking for your skills.

I'll find a job first.

Getting a job offer could assist in securing your permanent residency or work permit. However, the "job first" plan is usually not the right way to go about it.

Most of our clients find that the job search only really begins once you have secured your Canadian permanent residency. And we can help you get there: complete our free online assessment now, as your first step to a new life in Canada! 

Canada Needs Tradespeople!
Skilled Trades in Demand in Canada Permanent Residency Trades Workers Wanted in Canada

Name: Canada needs skilled trades workers

Description: Canada's robust, resource led economy continues to need more skilled workers to fill vancancies, and needs them filled at a faster pace than can be met by reliance strictly on the local workforce. Finding out if there is a place for you in Canada could be the best life and career decision you ever make!

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