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Professional Workers Eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency

Express Entry for Professionals

You've done the hard yards, and you've gained the recognition that comes with your experience, certification, and achievement. Now make that experience your ticket to Canada!

Haskew Law is dedicated to permanent residency solutions that can help you make Canada your new home. We can help you find the best route, and maximise your chances of success.

Canada Needs Your Professional Skills

Canada is experiencing a serious shortage of skilled workers, and professionals are top of the list, from IT to management, health care to sales. More than 500,000 jobs remained unfilled on an annualised basis, according to estimates from mid-2019. That's up from about 250,000 unfilled/year of just a few years ago!

To discover your best option to secure a new life in Canada, complete our assessment below and choose 'Skilled Worker' to get started today.

Express Entry eligibility

Express Entry is not a route into Canada, just the name that the Canadian immigration agency has given to its back-office processing system. The system was implemented in January 2015, to replace the previous "file and queue" system that left more highly qualified applicants waiting, sometimes for years, behind less qualified applicants.
Express Entry also brought the processing of various routes into the same system, to help streamline and speed-up the application process. Express Entry now processes applications for:
  •     Federal Skilled Workers (professionals)
  •     Federal Trades Workers (trades)
  •     Provincial Nominations (after approval by the province)
  •     Work Permits (employer sponsored)
For each route, candidates who meet the minimum requirements are accepted into the applicant pool, whilst applicants who haven't prepared their application properly won't get past the initial submission. 
Haskew Law specialises in preparing applicants for success. Use our Free Assessment tool above to discover if you qualify. 

What Factors are Considered?

To qualify for Express Entry you will be required to achieve a minimum number of points based on various factors which include:

  •     Age   
  •     Qualifications
  •     Experience
  •     Registration with Red Seal/Governing body
  •     English/French Language ability
  •     Spouse or partner's details
  •     Previous work and education in Canada
  •     Links to Canada or a Canadian Province
  •     Employer sponsorship
Each factor attracts a number of points, these points will determine whether a candidate is eligible to submit an "Expression Of Interest" - this is where a person is finally able to present themselves to the Federal Immigration Authorities, Provincial authorities and local employers.
Our UK-based Canadian emigration team can help you through the maze of forms and assessments to ensure your application has the best chance of success. 

Skills Assessments

Skills assessments relevant to your profession will determine your eligibility and your chances of selection for emigration with sponsorship from an employer, province or selection by the federal government.  Offers are made based on a candidate's points. Those with the highest points will be selected first.  
Questions about points are often among the questions clients ask us first. Haskew Law can assist with the tips and tricks that ensure you maximise your points, and choose the right route for your circumstances. 

Provincial Nomination

Canadian provinces have a great deal of autonomy from the federal government; indeed, a huge amount of governmental authority is retained by the provinces.
Recent trends strongly suggest that rather than try to centralise further, the federal government is keen to have provinces assert that authority, and lead the immigration process by choosing applicants that fit their provinces' needs.

In few places is that more visible than in the rise of provincial nominations as a key route to Canada. Provinces may have a shortage of skills particular to their regional economy, and make their own rules about who it seeks to welcome to the province. There is always competition for these visas, and rules vary for selection, and may be based on factors such as links to the region and your particular circumstances.

Provincial nominations must still be signed-off by the federal government, which comes back around to the Express Entry process. But these nominations provide an excellent option to boost your chances, and Haskew Law can advise on any opportunities that may be right for you.

Employer Sponsorship

An employer who has the necessary permission (a "Labour Market Impact Assessment", or LMIA) may offer employment to foreign national employees. However, while as a foreign national you are allowed to accept such an offer, you will not be able to begin work in Canada without first securing a visa.
Once again, the Express Entry process becomes your necessary first step, and our UK-based experts can help prepare your application to take advantage of Canadian job offers as they arise. You can start the process today by using our assessment tool above, to see if you might be eligible.
First steps to a Skilled Worker Visa
Professional Workers Eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency

Description: Discover whether as a skillled professional you are eligible to apply via Express Entry for permanent residency to Canada. Could be the most valuable 5 minutes you ever spend! Haskew Law expertise can help get you across the line. Don't chance it: you only have one shot.

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