Over 50’s Investors

Benefit from the Canadian Dividend

From age 36 on, Skilled Worker visa applicants lose eligibility points due to age. But applicants lose the all-important Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score points from age 30!
By as early as your mid-40's, few can score enough points for this popular route to Canada.
But there is another option: Canada offers permanent residency for entrepreneurs and investors -- without regard to age! (Indeed, the business experience requirement can make it a bonus).
That makes business and investor visas a savvy choice for applicants from whom age might otherwise hamper eligibility, and who are keen on seeking out the unique Canadian dividend offered by a permanent residency visa.
Making the right choice of visa may depend on the capital you have available to invest, your previous business experience, and your investment sophistication.
If you think this may be a viable route for you, we have many years of experience leading our candidates through every step of the business establishment and investment process. Why not get in touch with us today for fast, friendly advice.

Not just for millionaires

Canadian business and investment visas offer permanent residency to those who are able to establish a business that meets various requirements, or who can make a direct investment into the Canadian economy. Thresholds for investment quite low in Canada: you needn't have a mint to be a viable candidate.
Canada’s various provincial business investor programs require the showing of a net worth as low as CAN £250k, and investment of as little as CDN $100k, in exchange for permanent residence. That’s small change compared to similar routes to the UK, Australia and New Zealand, which require between $5-$10 million — and do not offer permanent residence.

Finding the right program for you

Our first step is to be sure we're looking for a residency program in the right place, for the right price, and with the right parameters for you. Here's a snapshot comparison of popular residency programs that you might consider alongside the Canadian options:

United States Project Investment
USD 500,000
Citizenship in 8 years
3-4 Yrs Residency
No Interview
12-18 months to visa
Under Review
Canada-Quebec Govt Bond
CDN 800,000
Citizenship in 6 years
3-5 Yrs Residency
Interview Req
36 months to visa
CDN 1.6m net worth
Financing Option
Funds Guaranteed
Minimums to Rise
St. Kitts & Nevis Donation
USD 300,000
Citizenship 4-6 months
No Residency Req
No Interview
Immediate visa
Stable Outlook
Antigua & Barbuda Donation
USD 200,000
Citizenship 3-4 months
No Residency Req
No Interview
Immediate visa
Stable Outlook


Expert Guidance

For a free assessment, using our assessment tool below, and choose "Business Investor & Entrepreneur" visas, to learn how you too could take advantage of the Canadian Dividend. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Age Not an Issue for Investor Visas
Over 50s investor visas

Name: Over 50s Investor Visas

Description: There are several potential options for older applicants looking to emigrate, and getting the choice right is key. Investors should consider the business visa options as well, but in any case having business experience, and be aware of the parameters and quotas which can vary by province.

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