Skills Recognition – Canada

Skills Recognition Authorities

SRA's are not part of the Canadian government, they provide an assessment of an overseas applicants' skills and qualifications in order for the Canadian Immigration Authorities to compare and contrast against Canadian standards.  SRA's are also used by the Australian government for the same purpose.
In order to assess your skills they will require proof of all your qualifications and/or the skills you have gained in the work place via a record of prior learning plus references from all previous employers.  Once they have received and reviewed this information they will arrange to interview you over the phone or by Skype.  The assessor will be a qualified person who has worked in your field and who is deemed eligible to assess your level of competence.  Their aim is to ensure you are of equal standard to a Canadian (or Australian) qualified person in your trade or profession.

Professional Governing Bodies For Regulated Professions

Professional bodies exist for several areas of work ranging from Medical, Accountancy, Law and others.  These professional bodies are separate from the assessing authorities and often have their own standards. They may require you to obtain a minimum number of supervised hours of employment in Canada prior to awarding you registration and in some cases they may also require you take a course in Canada prior to granting your certification.  These bodies can often create problems for people who wish to emigrate even though their skills are in demand, they are more than competent to benefit the local economy and they meet the regulated standards.  If you have a regulated profession we shall advise you further on a case by case basis.

How To Apply

Each professional body is entitled to establish their own application processes.  Some bodies are set up for applications to be made online and more are enabling this as time goes on.  Any documentation they require must translated by a regulated and approved translator then 'certified' prior to submission.  You should NEVER send them original documents as they can, on rare occasions, go missing; the assessing bodies do not like receiving originals.  There are occasions when an authority may request transcripts to be sent directly from your previous universities which we can assist you to arrange if required.  The processing time varies from case to case however most cases are completed within 12 weeks, keep this in mind while planning your migration.

How Much Experience do you need to qualify?

Immigration Authorities award points after a minimum number of years working in your profession to deem you as competent.  However the skills assessing bodies are entitled to require more years than the Immigration Authorities; they can judge that the earlier years in your career should go towards your training period and therefore do not include those years in their qualification of competence.

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