Spouse & Partner Sponsored Emigration to Canada

Canadian Marriage and Partnership Permanent Residency Emigration

Spouse & Partnership Emigration

Emigration allowances for partners -- whether spouses, civil partners, common-law spouses, or conjugal partners -- are perhaps the most common-sense and widely known visa type.
And yet, they are among the most complicated visa applications to make. Partnership visas are hemmed-in by regulations and monitored more carefully than perhaps any other.
Haskew Law provides the professional support necessary to succeed with your visa application the first time, without the confusion, delays, interrogations (and even travels bans!) that can await poorly prepared applicants.

Immigration officers as Matchmakers? Not exactly.

Immigration officers have an important job to do, and writing happy endings is not on the list.
Officials from Canada's burly neighbour to the south recently estimated about half of all spousal visa applications are fraudulent. Bottom line, partnership visas are a magnet for fraud.
That means increased scrutiny, which can catch-out legitimate couples. 
For some, creating a fictional partnership may be their only way to secure a coveted visa. That makes for a temptingly well-paid trade highly motivated (and often well-funded) punters, willing marks, and no apparent victim but the state.
Legitimate couples can inadvertently fall into traps set for unwary applicants, and the resulting complications can result in rejection and months or even years of legal wrangling. 

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Issued at the Officer's Discretion

Partnership visas are issued strictly at the discretion of the immigration officer. Those officers use various systems to signal which applicants they should investigate more carefully, and trap fraudulent applicants.

Those same traps are often inadvertently sprung on legitimate but unprepared applicants who fail to realise how suspicion can be raised by truthful but careless or poorly thought-out visa applications.

Do it Right the First Time.

Like any legal process, this is about taking the process seriously, and making a legal case successfully. True, bad decisions can be appealed, but they are very rarely overturned. Far better (and less costly!) to secure professional advice and get it done right the first time.
Let our professional advocates put their long experience to work for you. Get in touch via our free assessment tool above, and choose "Spouse and Partner". 
Spouse and Partnership Visas
Permanent Residency for Canadian Spouses and Partners

Name: Spouse and Partner Sponsorship & Reunification

Description: Emigrating with the assistance of a Canadian spouse or partner is a well-known route....and a magnet for fraud. Given the long wait times, and tricks and traps used to smoke out the fraudsters, legitimate couples are well advised to seek professional assistance to avoid costly delays, travel bans or worse. When and where you apply can make huge differences to outcomes as well, and presentation of your case as a well-ordered legal argument can be key to emigrating successfully and without hassles.

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