Three Steps for Skilled Workers

Three Steps to Canada

From our years of experience drawn from a team of former immigration officers, qualified lawyers and regulated migration consultants, we understand that no two cases are the same. Each case is assessed by immigration authorities on their own unique, individual merits, as against active policies at the time of submission.
That said, it can be useful to get to grips with the process for skilled workers and the Express Entry system by reviewing the overall scheme and some process commonalities.
Please Note: While you may currently qualify, the Canadian immigration rules may change without notice. We ensure we keep abreast of the current situation to keep our clients informed.

Skilled Worker Visa route to Canada

Skilled worker visa eligibility points are awarded against criteria in the following categories:

- Age
- Educational qualifications
- Relevant experience
- English or French language ability
- Spousal skills and language proficiency
- Canadian Family connections
- Prior history of education or work in Canada
Once our expert emigration advisors establish that, on balance, they believe you may be eligible, they will move on to the three main steps in the application process.

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Three Simple Steps For Migration to Canada

There are three key stages in every of our cases which are set out below. We complete each stage thoroughly and accurately before we progress to ensure we build on solid foundations; this enhances your likelihood of success.

STEP ONE: Skills Assessment

- Confirmation that you hold the necessary skills in demand – We must evidence the facts and present the best possible case to support this.
- English Language: ability to meet the required standard – We secure the necessary evidence and help you prepare for any potential English language test. This may not be required in all cases, however, it is often helpful to build a strong case.
- Work Experience – We guide you on how to present your references and evidence of your prior learning; ensuring they comply with the authorities’ requirements and local employer standards. We can also work with previous employers to advise them on what must appear in the content of their references.
- Educational qualifications – Using our specialist international qualifications equivalency test we review your achievements, to be ready to submit for approval to immigration authorities.
- Assist the Skills Approval Authorities to review your case - We ensure your skills meet the required standards and secure the maximum points available which will help with your future Immigration case.


Compiling all the necessary documents can take some time and is dependent on the speed you present them to us.  In many cases, we also require evidence of the qualifications you have obtained from college(s)/university(ies), and your record of prior learning.
Once we have prepared and submitted your case it usually takes between 8 and 12 weeks for the skills assessing body to process, though naturally, this depends on how busy the case managers are at that time and the complexity of your case.


You can not apply to emigrate until we have provided evidence that your skills are of an adequate standard compared with those skills required in Canada.  The results of your skills assessment will be used by employers and the Immigration Authorities in the next stage of the visa process to determine the strength of your case.  The better we do at this stage the more offers you will receive in Canada from Local employers, Regional government sponsorship and/or national Government.

STEP TWO – Submission of Your Expression of Interest

- We design and prepare your application to achieve the maximum points available based on your case history.
- We represent your case to the dealing Officer as required to protect your best interests

- We present you to local employers who are licensed by the Government to employ overseas talent which match your career objectives, skills and experience.

- For regulated professionals, we assist with the registration process.

Based on a number of factors drawn from your skills assessment and initial submissions, candidates are selected from the pool of international talent by the provincial or federal government, or offered a position of employment by a local employer. These options and opportunities we review at that time. You must secure an invitation to apply to live and work in Canada at this stage.


OPTION ONE: Offer of Employment

A Canadian Employer with the correct licence may offer you a position of employment. You are not obliged to accept any job offer, however, if you decide you would like to take the job offer we shall apply for the necessary work permit.

OPTION TWO: Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNPs)

A regional Government has the option to invite you to apply to live and work in their region. Each province has their own criteria and skills in demand. Some PNPs are closed for the next few months but several remain open as these territories work hard to grow their economies through immigration of skills.
If you apply for a PNP and secure a place you will receive an invitation that we submit to the federal Government who will invite you to migrate to Canada. Some PNPs undertake to complete your case within six months which can be attractive to those who qualify and are in a rush. The condition is that you undertake to live and work in the Province that sponsors you for a minimum of two years.

OPTION THREE: Invitation from the Canadian Federal Government

This is the best option if your skills and qualifications are in demand and meet the Canadian Standards. You will be invited to live and work in Canada securing Permanent Residency on arrival leaving you free to live and work where ever you wish in Canada.
These three routes are each beneficial and require you to qualify via your positive skills assessment and expression of interest. We shall discuss each option at this time so you are empowered to make the choice that best matches your needs.

STEP THREE -- Securing Your Permanent Residency

- We discuss the merits of the offer to apply for the relevant Permanent Residency (PR) visa offered at this time as it may include a state/provincial sponsorship offer, employer offering sponsorship or a central Government offer to sponsor you for permanent residency.
- We prepare all application forms presenting the best possible case to meet the Immigration officer’s requirements when reviewing your file.
We discuss the merits of your case with you – Often we are asked follow-up questions that we address as they arise in accordance with current policy and regulations and allay any concerns an immigration officer may have.
FINALLY: you can celebrate! You're good to go and start your new life in Canada with a visa that meets your needs.
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