Top Business & Investor Visa Opportunities

Canada offers experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors the opportunity to acquire permanent residency visas while establishing your, your family and your business in one of the most robust national economies in the world.

Program details vary, but all have requirements for minimum personal net worth and investment commitments, the production of business plans, and local residency commitments.

Here is a list of the top visa opportunities in this category:


Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan all value their farmers, and are keen to add to the ranks of experienced farmers with the ability to invest in the sector. Be warned, however: this is not an opportunity for would-be hobby farmers. In addition to substantial capex requirements, you must bring evidence of solid farming sector experience to qualify.

Self-Employed Professionals

Among the Provincial Nominee Programs is the opportunity for self-employed professionals who can provide a service that is in demand to establish business outlets or professional practices. This category applies to self-employed professionals only. Professionals seeking to be employed by a business should refer to the Skilled Worker Program.

Business & Entrepreneurs

Canada is particularly interested in entrepreneurs, senior business leaders, and owner/operators of businesses who want to establish business operations in Canada. All economic sectors are potentially eligible, and projects will be considered a priority if they involve a product or service that is new or would generate significant benefits. Personal net worth and investment commitment criteria vary by province, and will be the first hurdle to consider, but business experience is a key factor and the application relies on the preparation of the business plans.

Start-Up Visas

The title may sound like an Entrepreneur visa, but it targets a particular type of entrepreneur: those with the backing of an authorised venture capital or angel investor group, or one that has developed via a designated business incubator. If you are planning or growing a start-up, are looking into development funding, and are considering ways to secure a Canadian visa, this could be a route worth another look.

Investor Visas

Canada has historically welcomed immigrants whose personal net worth allows them to put funds into a low-risk bond or similar government investment in exchange for permanent residency visas. For various reasons these have fallen out of favour, and most of the investor visa programs have closed. However, some provincial investor visa programs continue to welcome applicants. If you think you might qualify and want to avoid other business entanglements, an investor visa could pay the Canadian Visa dividend without the hassle of similar visas in this category.

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