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Criteria For Emigration To Canada 

We provide advice on all aspects of emigration to Canada, and in 2015 we were selected as partners of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's "Know Before You Go" campaign. 

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More than 400 people left the UK every day last year, with Canada a favourite destination.  We provide the highest level of service and support, and our assistance greatly improves our clients' chance of emigrating successfully.


Most popular routes for migration

The most popular Canadian emigration routes from the UK via the 60 visa classes available are:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Provincial nomination
  • Family
  • Investors
  • Study
  • Employer sponsorship 

Canadian Skilled Worker Visas

For the majority of our clients the route to permanent residency in Canada is by way of a skills-based visa, which in turn opens the door to secure employment. The process begins with a basic 67-point merits test, which determines basic eligibility. A person's record of prior learning and previous employment is scrutinised, along with age, character and other factors, each of which influences the outcome of the case. We also check that our client's skills are in demand, as indicated by a list which changes regularly as Canada reaches it's annual quotas for each skill set.
In getting to grips with this process, it is critical to understand that the Express Entry program -- which is the system through which all skilled worker visas are processed -- presents itself as an objective, standardised system. Yet it is important to know from the outset that it is a carefully crafted machine, run by immigration officials, whose job is to maintain and defend Canada's borders and sovereignty.
These are border guards, not a neighbourhood welcoming committee.
Successful candidates understand that the Canadian application process is complex, and designed to select the candidates that are best for Canada -- not what is best for any individual applicant.  Getting 67 points on an eligibility calculator does not guarantee a visa.
On the contrary, well-polished applications are successful, whereas poorly crafted applications may fail for reasons that have little to do with the applicant, and everything to do with the application.
Accordingly, candidates must prepare the best possible case to secure the maximum points available: securing the minimum points for eligibility is simply not enough.  Demand for these visas is high, and only the most effective cases are selected for visa invitations. 
Many cases are won or lost on the basis of how evidence is presented.  That means that two candidates with equal UK qualifications and skills will appear differently to immigration officials depending on the preparation of their case and how relevant items are highlighted (or omitted).

Provincial Nomination

Provincial nomination visas allow a person to live and work within a certain province on arrival in Canada. Each province in Canada operates like an independent country when building emigration policy to meet their local emigration needs.  Each has a unique set of rules and criteria, which are approved at the federal level.  Sponsorship through local employment, family sponsorships and business and investment routes are all governed independently in local programmes.
Each provinces' rules and criteria change from time to time, and they are subject to caps on the number of visas they issue in any given year. The fractured and varied rules at this level of Canadian Government makes Canadian emigration law some of the most complex in the world, but it also offers a similarly diverse range of opportunity for candidates. These programs can be an effective way to live and work in Canada if other routes are closed for you.

The Express Entry System

In 2015 Canadian Immigration introduced the Express Entry System, which was based loosely on the successful Australian immigration model. The Express Entry system allows a person to present themselves to Canadian immigration authorities and allows the authorities to choose candidates with skills in demand basis, as opposed to a first-in, first-out priority basis.
Given the detailed review of a person's skills, experience and character it is extremely important in these cases to prepare all documentary evidence correctly to maximise the potential of selection.  To be selected from a large pool of talent, a candidate has to stand out among their fellow professionals in the pool from across the globe.  
For a case to stand out effectively takes effort, skills and understanding of the rules and the selection process. Canada will invite those applicants with the most impressive applications to apply for permanent residency visas.  It is worth mentioning again that this is a very competitive market place for skilled workers, and simply meeting the minimum points requirement is not enough to secure an invitation.

Business and Investment

Canada actively seeks applications from experienced business professionals who can make a significant contribution to its economy. There are various different types of business and investor visas, which vary between the federal government and provincial government, and also vary province to province.  To be an investor in Canada often requires an intention to open a new business and a plan to hire Canadian residence with the first two years.  Other investment routes can be from passive income however the investment is significantly more.

Family Visas

There are options for Canadian residents to sponsor close family however, these visas are limited.  Spouse and Partnership visas are a magnet for fraud, so must be approached carefully by legitimate applicants, and they continue to suffer from long waiting times (although these have been dramatically reduced from several years to 12 months in 80% of cases).  The trend on places offered each year is to reduce the available places each year, and the legal criteria are extremely restrictive. 
Our legal team can provide a complete assessment of your options. 
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