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There was 160,000 skilled migrant place allocated for 2019/20, down from 190,000 the previous year. Australia offers an incredible standard of living, making it the world's most popular destinations for skilled workers.

The 189, 190, 491 streams offer people the opportunity to emigrate, but you may need to be flexible on where you live to maximise your opportunity of success.


In 2019 Australia reached 25 million in population, a figure they were not expecting to achieve until the year 2042. As a result, the government imposed severe restrictions on the number of migrants accept each year.

Current visa classes now place stringent conditions on where migrants can live, limiting their ability to purchase land or property, removing access to free education and creating a 4-year probationary period before they can apply for permanent residency.

We work with our clients to maximise their chance of success and to minimise the impact these new immigration policies may have on their plans.


If you do not fit into the mould of a skilled worker, an ideal alternative starts from only $595K. With no upper age limit, no points test or English test required, it is now one of the most popular forms of emigration to Australia. Find out more about our investor options.


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