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Considered living in the US, but didn't know whether it was possible? We can help answer your questions, and put you on the road to US residency.

Our resident US Attorney-at-Law leads our UK-based team to provide straightforward, jargon-free US immigration advice, and services tailored to your circumstances. We offer a wide range of US visa solutions for you and your family to make American your new home.

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Haskew Law has exclusive access to many leading investment opportunities across the United States.

Our priority investment programmes offer permanent residency investment approvals in as little as six weeks. The US offers the world's most sought-after visa-by-investment programme; Haskew Law can help ensure your application gets 

Pathways for emigrating to the USA

You can discover more about the various visa classes on our more detailed pages. We hope you find our site helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

US Immigration control
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Name: USA immigration review

Description: If you are thinking about securing permanent residency in the USA or a green card there are several options available for highly skilled workers, family members and investors. USA boarder control remains one of the toughest immigration systems in the world.

That said, the USA offers a standard of living and business opportunities unparalleled. To discover more about your options complete our free assessment.

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