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Permanent Residency by Investment

The United States was an early pioneer in migration by investment programmes, and they remain among the world’s most popular. American residency by investment is not just a desirable way to emigrate but for some it may present the only effective route to US permanent residency and citizenship. There are no age limits, and minimum investment criteria begin as low as USD $100k. There are several business and investment options available including the EB-5, E-1 and E-2 streams.

Partners & Family Members

The US immigration system remains broadly supportive of facilitating the re-unification of families. And US ‘spousal’ visas now also provide eligibility for legally recognised civil partnerships. Whether you have a US partner, or other American family members, if you wish to join your loved ones, you should find out more about how we can assist you in smoothly navigating the emigration system.

Exceptional Skills & Employer Sponsorship

To work in the US an applicant must first secure the necessary visas, and if you are a freelancer or sub-contractor, you must be careful not to accept work that could cause immigration issues. However, if you have a US employer sponsor, or if you are at the top of your profession and qualify as having exceptional credentials or recognition, you may be eligible to emigrate to America to work. 


The US remains among the best top destinations in the world for retirees. If you have the resources to enable you to enjoy your retirement on a Florida beach, or in California wine country, or anywhere in between, contact us to help you execute your emigration plans. Many programmes offer the advantage of permanent residency upon arrival, with approval granted in as little as 6 to 12 months.

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Emigrate to America with Confidence

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Description: Highly skilled workers, family members, entrepreneurs and investors all have opportunties to secure US permanent residency, despite the US continuing to have one of the toughest immigration systems in the world. But unparalleled standards of living and business opportunities continue to make it well worth the effort. Discover your US visa options by completing our free assessment.

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