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If your organisation or business has interests in the States, or if you're a private individual looking for answers, we will find the right solution for you. US immigration law is notoriously complicated and confusing. We provide straightforward jargon-free advice. 

Our friendly UK-based team includes US immigration lawyers and immigration experts, who provide services tailored to your specific circumstances.

We deliver a wide range of solutions to secure permanent residency for the United States.

For those who do not qualify due to their skills not being in demand, lack of a US employer, age or other reasons. Don't worry; we can help if you have the funds, we will secure your permanent residency-by-investment on arrival in the USA.

US Green Card For Investors Within Six Weeks

Haskew Law has exclusive access to many of the leading investment opportunities across the United States. Our priority investment programmes offer permanent residency in as little as six weeks. Contact us to discover more.

Recent Investment Opportunities to Secure Your Green Card

The Four Seasons hotel is an instantly recognisable brand owned jointly by Bill Gates and Prince Waleed of Saudi Arabia. They currently have ambitious development plans for New Orleans making this an incredibly attractive investment opportunity for our client to secure residency-by-investment in the USA. An investment of USD 500k is required for four years. Watch our video to discover more.

Pathways for emigrating to the USA

If you are not ready to complete our enquiry form just yet, to discuss your options with one of our US Immigration lawyers. You can discover more about the various visa classes on our more detailed pages. We hope you find our site helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

US Immigration control
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Name: USA immigration review

Description: If you are thinking about securing permanent residency in the USA or a green card there are several options available for highly skilled workers, family members and investors. USA boarder control remains one of the toughest immigration systems in the world.

That said, the USA offers a standard of living and business opportunities unparalleled. To discover more about your options complete our free assessment.

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