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Improving your life and your family's standards of living are often central among our clients' motivations to emigrate. Securing employment is often key to those ambitions.  This may seem like an impossible challenge, especially while you remain thousands of miles away from any potential, future employer. But don't worry, we are here to help. We have more than 20 years experience assisting people to emigrate.
Our specialised skills are often requested to works in close partnership by recruiters and employers.  We assist our clients to become work ready, allowing our clients to be free to accept employment once we have secured their work visa.  We provide a free assessment for everyone who would like professional advice regarding their options.

Can I Apply For A Job?

A person must have skills in demand in their desired destination. Before we are able to present our clients to potential employers, they must demonstrate their skills and experience through passing the official skills assessment procedures.  This requires a person to present their references, qualifications and often complete a test (or set of tests) to provide evidence of those skills. 
For regulated professions, there will be an added requirement to register with the local governing body.  We assist our clients in completing their skills and qualifications assessment prior to taking the next step in looking for employment opportunities and securing their visa.


Why Do We Assist Our Clients Find Work?

We are immigration experts first and foremost and work in partnership with many recruitment agencies and employers as they rely on our specialised expertise to ensure their candidates are "work ready". Our aim remains for our clients to arrive in their new country with clear employment opportunities, if not a job offer in hand.
Our clients range from people with a trade or profession in demand to leaders of industry.  Our highly valued reputation with our recruitment partners means we are best placed to make the right introductions for our clients to secure the best employment opportunities.
We can not guarantee a job offer prior to arrival in your new country.   There are many reasons why a job may not be offered until a candidate is on shore and not all are negative as some are a necessity of the role to ensure the correct candidate is selected and the role fits their skills.  Often a provisional offer will be made and only confirmed after a the person arrives in the country with the correct visa.

Life Without Limitations


- Approved lawyers and immigration agents
- 99% Success Rate
- 94% of clients would refer a friend
- Exper knowledge of Immigration Control.


Dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and great results all at the most competitive prices.

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