Australian 190 Visa Guide

190 Visas

Skilled Workers State Sponsorship

The 190 visa is the premier visa an Australia state has to offer. It requires a person to live and work freely within the sponsoring state for 2 years. After this time a person is free to live anywhere within Australia. This is an excellent visa for people who have 60 points or more and their skills are listed on the:

  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1 of the relevant
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaced the previous ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL)

 Each state has a limited number of 190 visas allocated to then each year by the federal government. That is why they are very protective of who is offered an invitation to apply for such a visa. That is right you need to be invited based on several criteria and tests set by the Australian Government. Ranging from your skills and experience, family history to your character and health. Each state is clear in who they will invite and even though each case is unique and dealt with on its own unique, individual merits, how a case must be present to the state government remains paramount to its success.

Applying for state sponsorship

When you are applying for the 190 visa remember an Australian state owes you nothing and operates their immigration policy for skilled migrants the same way a successful company would operate their recruitment policy. They are looking for the very best candidates from a global pool of talent. In return, they know they are able to offer one of the highest standards of living in the world and have no shortage of applicants.

In some states, a person would be required to have a job offer prior to an invitation to immigrate to the state being offered.

Each profession has a limited visa quota and once Australia secures the number of skilled workers required they stop issuing further visas. If your skills are on the shortage occupation list currently we recommend you take the opportunity while your skills remain in demand.

Why Your Application Needs To Be Visa Ready

The 190 visa requires every case to be "visa ready" prior to submission. To apply a person must achieve 60 points on our skilled visa calculator (our assessment will calculate your points) they must also have a profession in demand and listed on the State Nominated Skills Occupation List. Then the application is entered into a competitive pool of similar candidates all hoping to be selected for state sponsorship. There is no room for "horse trading" with the officer in the state who is deciding on who to select from the pool and who to leave behind. An officer will simply put a case to one side and move on to the next if they are not satisfied with everything they see on their first inspection. This visa allows people like you to live and work freely in the state and allows them to take employment of their choice.  It also allows them to bring their immediate family who can enjoy all the advantages of Australian life. Competition and demand are high.


The Australian General Skilled Immigration System works on a point based system which takes into account several factors.

  •     Age
  •    Qualifications
  •     English Language Ability
  •     Experience In Your Profession
  •     Record Of Prior Learning In Australia And Off Shore
  •     Previous Study or Employment In Australia
  •     Your Spouse Skills If Applicable
  •     Your skills must be in demand - To find out if your skills are on the list click here

Based on these criteria a person will earn points and will be required to achieve 60 points to be eligible to submit an expression of interest to emigrate.  If you do not achieve 60 points you may like to apply for a State Sponsored visa.

Skilled Worker Statistics:

  • 190,000 places available this year across Australia for Skilled workers
  • 68% of migrants arrive in Australia on this visa
  • 42% of all visa applications are rejected
  • 32% of migrant workers arrive on a Family class visa

This is often a preferred for people to emigrate.

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