State Nominated 190 Visas

190 visas state nomination for Australia

A Great Way To Emigrate

The 190 visa is the premier visa an Australia state has to offer. It requires a person to live and work freely within the sponsoring state for 2 years. After this time a person is free to live anywhere in Australia. This is an excellent visa for people who have only 60 points or just want to boost their points to provide the best possible chance of success.

 Each state has a limited number of 190 visas allocated each year by the federal government. Each case is dealt with on its own unique, individual merits, how your case is present to the state government remains paramount to your success.

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The Australian General Skilled Immigration System works on a point based system which takes into account several factors.

  •     Age   
  •    Qualifications
  •     English ability
  •     Experience in your profession
  •     Record of prior learning
  •     Previous study or employment in Australia
  •     Your spouse skills if applicable
  •     Occupational demands

Based on these criteria a person will earn points and will be required to achieve 65 points to be eligible to submit an expression of interest to emigrate.  If you do not achieve 65 points you may like to apply for a State Sponsored visa.

Skilled Worker Statistics:

  • 190 thousand places available this year across Australia for Skilled workers
  • 68% of migrants arrive in Australia on this visa
  • 42% of all visa applications are rejected
  • 32% of migrant workers arrive on a Family class visa

Living in other states on a subclass 190 visa

What is state-sponsorship?

This is one of the biggest issues in skilled migration because many people misunderstand the reality of the regulations and visa conditions. The fact is this: The subclass 190 state-sponsored visa is a ‘full Permanent Resident’ visa. This means that you are given the status of ‘Australian Permanent Residence’ The visa does not have conditions applied to it that are at all relevant to being state-sponsored on  190 visa.

State Nomination for Skilled Migration
Emigrate to Australia 190 visas

Name: 190 Visas - Skilled workers

Description: State sponsorship is perfect for people who could benefit from an additional 5 points to help them qualify to emigrate.

In exchange for nomination the state requests that the person lives within their region for 2 years post arrival.

Permanent residency is granted on arrival and the candidate is entitled to:

  • Free Medicare
  • Free Education
  • Buying a home
  • Much more
Making the 190 visa a popular choice.

There are limited numbers of these visas issued each year and if you are eligible to apply we recommend you take the opportunity while it is available.

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