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Emigrate To Australia As An Electrical Engineer

Australia remains one of the most attractive immigration destinations for skilled workers and families around the world. However, this means Australia can be selective over who they accept each year to join them.  We provide emigration solutions and access to employment in Australia for people holding a working visa.  We update our jobs daily for our clients.
If you love sports, outdoor living, beaches and a great standard of life Australia may be just what you have been looking for.
There are several categories for Australian permanent residency visas, and a range of immigration opportunities to suit a variety of skill sets and education levels. We focus here on the skilled worker visas. Read on to see if one of these visas might suit you.
 What are the Skilled Worker Visa basic requirements?
For both the Independent Skilled Worker Visa (189) and the Sponsored Skilled Worker Visa (190) potential applicants must meet the following basic criteria:

Tasks Include:

  • planning and designing power stations and power generation equipment
  • determining the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and other equipment
  • developing products such as electric motors, components, equipment and appliances
  • interpreting specifications, drawings, standards and regulations relating to electric power equipment and use
  • organising and managing resources used in the supply of electrical components, machines, appliances and equipment
  • establishing delivery and installation schedules for machines, switchgear, cables and fittings
  • supervising the operation and maintenance of power stations, transmission and distribution systems and industrial plants
  • designing and installing control and signalling equipment for road, rail and air traffic
  • may specialise in research in areas such as power generation and transmission systems, transformers, switchgear and electric motors, telemetry and control systems
Be under 50 years of age;
 Demonstrate competence in the English language;
 Possess skills or qualifications that address the needs of the Australian labour market.
 Your skills must be in demand - To view jobs Today Click here
To find out if your experience qualifies you for either visa, we can advise you by completing our assessment or you can view our international employment solutions click here.
 What is the difference between the two Skilled Worker Visas?
Independent Skilled Worker Visas (189) provide the opportunity to move to Australia to seek employment without prearranged sponsorship.
Sponsored Skilled Worker Visas (190) require that the applicant have one of the following:
An eligible relative living in Australia who is willing to act as sponsor, or
 A nomination from a State or Territory government agency.
What do Skilled Work Visas allow me to do?
Successful applicants for an Australian work visa are entitled to:
Reside permanently in Australia and engage work opportunities;
 Receive subsidised healthcare;
 Study at a school, vocational education programs, or university;
 Become eligible for Australian Citizenship in time.
We provide help from your UK start to Australia finish...
We can assist at every stage of your journey:
We assist you with the Australian visa and immigration application;
 Our team has access to extensive resources to help you find your ideal job in Australia;
 We can help you through every step of your move to Australia, down to the finest detail
To learn more or start your Skilled Migrant Worker Visa application, just complete our free assessment.

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