Parents Emigrating to Australia Explored

Parents Emigrate to Australia

Joining Your Children In Australia

"Tailored Solutions Exclusively For Parents"

The Australian Government has announced major changes to how Parents can join their children in Australia . We assess your eligibility & options based on the new rules.

At Haskew Law we know as parents, we miss our children and grandchildren when they leave us and we all want to be close to help them and remain a part of their life.  With a variety of parent visas available for Australia, it is possible for parents to emigrate who meet the qualifying criteria as laid out in Australian law. 

We advocate for parents who wish to emigrate daily and have assisted thousands of families to be reunited so far. Our endeavours are focused on building successful cases and for our clients to mitigate any potential risks posed by the immigration system to our clients short and long-term plans.

Timeframes & Alternatives

Currently,  Contributory Parent visas take up to 4 years to be processed, while non-contributory parent visas are taking 30 year plus. The Australian Govt. are not motivated in granting these visas any faster in the current political climate.

That said, there is an other option which significantly reduces the waiting time. However, there is an additional cost to consider. View our Australian Retirement Visa page to discover more. 

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Whatever route you would like to explore further, complete our enquiry form and one of our senior Australian migration managers will be happy to provide personal advice on your options and send you our brochure on how Parents can emigrate Australia via email.

Discover How Parents Emigrate to Australia
Australian Parents Emigrating brochure 2018 Cover

Name: Prefect for people with children living in Australia

Description: Our Parents Emigrating to Australia Brochure provides helpful information to assist in deciding if emigrating to Australia as a Parent is right for you.

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