Skilled Worker Visa Fees & Steps

Costs and how to emigrate to Australia

The Price of Being a Skilled Worker

To apply for an Australian visa as a skilled migration is to commence a legal process under Australian law. 

We are proud to hold a 99%+ success rate, even in the most challenging of cases.

To help you plan and budget your move to Australia we have listed the potential costs and steps to secure your permanent residency visa. While emigration for a family can come to several thousand in government fees and other costs it might be worth remembering nothing else can provide such excellent value for money. 

Your children and grandchildren will be benefiting from your decision to make Australia your new home.

Our team are ready to take care of all the legal stuff, to make sure your emigration plans are a complete success.

There are currently 24 accrediting bodies, each with their own method of assessing candidates. We work closely with each assessing authority, fully understanding their specific needs to assess the merits of a case against the mandatory, qualifying criteria.

At this point our clients realise building a winning case is more complex than many assumed and often takes longer than expected to prepare correctly.

We ensure our client's skills assessment meet the regulatory requirements for selection.

Every case is unique and built to highlight the key strength of the individual. An approach that works for one person may not be right for another.

Building the best possible case at this stage leads to better outcomes. After all, Australia only select the best candidates.

Costs and time frames: The assessment fees which are payable to the relevant authority will vary depending on the needs of the case an approx figure of AUD$800 is an average. In cases where a deadline looming, we can arrange a fast track assessment service, if available.

This is where a comprehensive knowledge of the immigration law pays off.

The Expression of Interest pool is a competitive environment.

As each case is dealt with on its own unique individual merits it is important to understand the process of selection beyond the published points allocation tables.

Our team includes ex-immigration officers who understand the selection process.

Cost: There are no further costs at this stage

Within each state, there are various regional immigration centres, each with their own local immigration policy, economic requirements and available visas. The qualifying criteria for each state and region are unique to that region.

We guide our clients on the most suitable opportunities available to meet their long terms needs.

We then prepare each case to reflect the local demands, to secure the required nomination.

Costs and time frames: State government fees range from NIL to AUD$ 300 payable to the state on the filing of the case.

On average it takes between 1 to 12 weeks to receive a decision at the state level in our cases.

There is a relocation allowance requirement in these cases to protect the states public purse. This relocation allowance varies depending on the nominating state.

To enter Australia as a migrant everyone is required to comply with their strict health and character requirements as laid out in law.

Where our client has a previous conviction or a medical history we mitigate the risk this could present to their case.

Costs: The medical exam costs about AUD$200 per person and in the UK the fees are on average £350 per person and are paid directly to the Australian Immigration panel doctor and radiographer.

Police records cost: A police certificate depends on the local police authority. The cost of these certificates vary per country - in the UK the cost is £49 and payable directly to the issuing authority.

While this is not always a mandatory requirement, we assess each case to determine the benefits of sitting this exam. If we decide that an English test is beneficial, we provide guidance on which examining body may be most suitable.

Costs: English exam costs are approx AUD$300 or in the UK £160 per person and is paid to the test administrator directly.

By now our clients have received an invitation to emigrate.

We always share their delight, having received an invitation to apply to emigrate, however, our work is not yet complete as we need to present their case to the federal government.

Part of our work up to this point is pre-empting the immigration officers concerns before they become a reason to delay or worse

This is when families start to plan their new life in Australia, that is why it's critical nothing interrupts those plans at this late stage.

Costs: The visa application fees currently paid to Australian Government are as follows:

  • Primary visa applicant: AUD $ 3,755.00
  • Each additional applicant over 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  1,875.00
  • Each additional applicant under 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  940.00

If a case is rejected the Australian Government will NOT provide a refund of fees.

We mitigate the risk of paying the government fees only to be refused by ensuring the best possible case is presented. We offer a no visa - no fee guarantee* Subject to terms to provide further peace of mind at this stage.

Cost of emigrating to Australia
steps to securing Australian visas

Name: The price of a Skilled workers visa

Description: There are several steps to securing a skilled visa to emigrate.

At each step a person is required to cover the costs which may include:

  • Skills Assessments
  • English Test
  • Police reports
  • Medicals
  • Government fees
These fees can come to several thousand for an average family.

Australia justify these charges by suggesting what they have to offer in worth every dollar and they are right.

Tailored solutions are available to meet your personal and family requirements.

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