Australian immigration Costs and Fees as a Skilled Worker Explained

steps to securing Australian visas

Skilled Worker Visas - Fees and Process

How We Secure Permanent Residence For Australia

To apply for an Australian visa as a skilled migration is to commence a legal process under Australian law. Only when a person can demonstrate they are compliant will it be worthwhile to file an "Expression of Interest". The successful candidates go on to be invited to emigrate.

Haskew Law is proud to have a 99%+ success rate and we are committed to securing a positive result, even in the most challenging of cases.

Here are the costs, fees and steps we take to secure your permanent residency visa.

Step 1: Accreditation of Studies and Work Experience

There are currently 24 accrediting bodies, each with their own method of assessing candidates. At Haskew Law, we work closely with each assessing authority, fully understanding their specific needs, while assessing the merits of each case against the mandatory, qualifying criteria. In each case, we endeavour to highlight the strengths of our clients case to reflect their ability to meet the current compliance requirements.

Through our understanding of the process, legal expertise and rigorous preparation of our clients cases, we are proud of our success rate in securing their mandatory accreditations swiftly.

When the Australian Prime Minister stated, “We are constantly ensuring that we get the highest quality of migrants we can.". He is referring to this weeding out of unsuitable candidates, that is why at Haskew Law we believe it is imperative we ensure our clients skills assessment meet the regulatory and political requirements for selection.

Costs and time frames:  The assessment fees which are payable to the authorities vary depending on the needs of the case an approx figure of AUD$800 is an average. In cases where a deadline looming, we can arrange a fast track assessment service for our clients in most cases.

Step 2: Evidence of English Language

While this is not always a mandatory requirement, at Haskew Law, we assess each case to determine the benefits of sitting this exam and the best way forward for our clients. If we decide that an English test is in our clients best interest we provide guidance on how to prepare for the test and which examining body may be most suitable.

em>Costs: English exam costs are approx AUD$300 or in the UK £160 per person and is paid to the test administrator directly.

Step 3: Lodge an Expression of Interest

Before lodging a clients case we thoroughly examine all aspects of the case to ensure compliance with the latest policy. This is a competitive environment and recent government figures support this by showing only 17,000 candidates were selected from the UK last year compared to 40,000 from China.

This is where a rigorous approach to our clients case management, a comprehensive knowledge of the immigration law and years of experience pays off. The selection process the Australian government employ to determine those candidates they to invite to emigrate are not made available to the general public and there is no right of appeal if a case is not approved.

As each case is unique and therefore dealt with on its own unique individual merits it is impossible without expertise in this area of law to determine if a case is of a sufficiently high calibre as required under law and if it is presented to the exacting standards necessary to secure an invitation for migration.

At Haskew Law, our team includes ex-immigration officers who understand the needs of the officers reviewing these cases and legal experts who can apply the current statute to every clients case, prior to filing, our combination of knowledge and expertise provides our clients peace of mind as they have the knowledge and confidence their case has been prepared and presented at the highest possible standard.

Cost: There are no further costs at this stage

Step 4: State Nomination Application

At Haskew Law, if it is appropriate for our client we utilise the various state nominated visa available. Within each state, there are various regional immigration centres, each with their own local immigration policy, economic requirements and available visas. The qualifying criteria for each state and region are unique to that region. We prepare our cases to reflect the local demands to ensure we secure the required approval if required by our client.

Costs and time frames: State government fees range from NIL to AUD$ 300 payable to the state on the filing of the case.

On average it takes between 1 to 4 weeks to receive a decision at the state level in our cases.

Step 5: The Visa Application

At Haskew Law, we appreciate the relief our clients often feel, having received an invitation to apply to emigrate.

Our work, however, is not yet complete as we must advocate for our clients to highlight the key merits of their case to the federal government, while mitigating any areas of weakness by pre-empting the immigration officers concerns and addressing them before they become a reason to delay or worse, rejection the case at this final hurdle.

Haskew Law understands, it is at this point family members start to plan their new life in Australia, that is why is critical nothing interrupts our clients plans at this late stage.

Costs: The visa application fees currently paid to Australian Government are as follows:

  • Primary visa applicant: AUD $ 3,670.00
  • Each additional applicant over 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  1,835.00
  • Each additional applicant under 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  920.00

An additional fee of AUD$4,890 is payable by each applicant over 18 years old who does not speak intermediate English. This person is then entitled to 500 hours of “free” English classes after arriving in Australia.

If a case is rejected at this stage the Australian Government will NOT provide a refund of fees. At Haskew Law, we mitigate the risk of paying the government fees only to be refused by ensuring the best possible case is presented.

Step 6: Medical Exams and Police Certificates

To enter Australia as a migrant everyone is required to comply with their strict health and character requirements as laid out in law.

Where our client has a previous conviction or medical history Haskew Law shall work to mitigate the risk this could otherwise present to their case. These cases often require a great deal of additional supporting documentary evidence filed in the correct manner, each case is unique and therefore, the preparation of these documents are determined with our client, in advance, so they may prepare.

It is important that Haskew Law prepare these arguments in advance with our clients as there is a time limited to provide the additional legal arguments from the date of accepting an offer to emigrate. Failure to comply with the strict timeframe would result in a refusal of the visa.

em>Costs: The medical exam costs about AUD$200 per person and in the UK the fees are on average £350 per person and are paid directly to the Australian Immigration panel doctor and radiographer.

Police records cost: A police certificate depends on the local police authority. The cost of these certificates vary per country - in the UK the cost is £49 and payable directly to the issuing authority.

At Haskew Law, we offer our clients a guaranteed fixed fee ranging from £1,875+Vat. We spread the cost of our services over four equal instalments.

Haskew Law aims to provide the highest level of service and expertise throughout every case. Our fees are reflective of the time and expertise we must provide to ensure we meet our clients requirements and achieve a successful outcome. We currently maintain a 99% success rate.

For those people who would like to live and work in Australia, we recommend they start the application process before further planned restrictive measure come into force.

Immigration Changes - Important Announcement

How The Australian Prime Minister Outlined His Manifesto

“What we want to have is not one more person coming to Australia, not one, that we do not want or need,” the Prime Minister told 3AW Melbourne radio host Neil Mitchell.

em>“I’m giving you this commitment, that my government and my government alone, the Australian government, elected by the Australian people, determines who comes to Australia, whether they are on the humanitarian program, whether they’re on family reunion, whether they’re skilled migration, whether they’re students, [or] a foreign student sitting on the tram with me this morning going off to his lectures."

“We determine who comes here, and that’s the big difference between us and Labour, because under Shorten and Labour, when they were in government, they outsourced our migration program to people smugglers [This is a reference to employers who relied on recruitment agents to source cheap overseas workers, as well as those who bring in refugees]. That’s a fact. That’s not political rhetoric. That’s the truth, and we’re not having any more of that again."

“We decide who comes here. We, being the government, representing the Australian people.”

Asked whether it was time for a reassessment of our immigration levels, Mr Turnbull said "Immigration was run solely in the national interest of Australia”.

“It is constantly under review,” he said.

“We are constantly ensuring that we get the highest quality of migrants we can."

“You talk about numbers as though every person is exactly the same. This is a talent business. We’re in a war for talent and we want to get, through our skilled, permanent migration program, the smartest people who bring skills that are not available here, and by bringing their skills here we ensure that Australian businesses grow and prosper.”

Australia has imposed a cap and cease policy on the number of skilled migrants they will accept in each profession and further prohibitive changes are planned.

That is not want anyone wants to hear from the Australian PM

While we accept Australia has every right to strengthen their borders and to only accept those privileged few. It place a great deal more effort and cost on normal working families who to emigrate to Australia to live a better life and offer greater life opportunities to their children.

Long gone are the £10 POMS programmes and today any potential migrants have be accept the additional competition for their place in Australia.

What You Can Do Now To Protect Your Emigration Plans

At Haskew Law, we recommend those who are committed to emigrating to Australia begin their case to secure their visa as soon as they are able.

Once a person has secured an invitation to emigrate the future changes planned will not affect their case.

If you are not quite ready to go, don't worry, once you have secure your visa which will take 7-12 months after starting a case, you will have a further 10 months approx. to activate your visa, which means you must enter Australia for 1 day. Once your permanent residency visa is activated you have a further year or two even before you need to emigrate.

That allows a person to secure their visa now to emigrate with confidence later.

steps to securing Australian visas

Name: Skilled workers

Description: There are six key steps to securing a visa to emigrate. First evidence you have skills in demand, then file an Expresion of Interest and finally, if you are selected from the pool of similar candidates you can apply for your visa. Places are limited each year and demand is high, our recommendation is to apply early to avoid disappointment.

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