Steps & Fees Required For Emigration To Australia

steps to securing Australian visas

Costs & Fees To Emigrate To Australia

To apply for an Australian visa as a skilled migration is to commence a legal process under Australian migration law. If you meet the legal requirements at each step you will be granted a visa. The visa process takes on average between 9 to 12 months to complete giving you the opportunity to organise your departure from your country and arrival in Australia.

There are several visa classes that may be appropriate to you based on your circumstances. From state sponsorship to the federal skilled migration streams. Our experts assist our clients with in entire process.

For a Skilled Migration visa, there are 6 steps that we assist our clients to successfully complete.

Step 1: Accreditation of Studies and Work Experience

The first step is to be accredited in your occupation.

There are 24 accrediting bodies, each with their own method of assessing candidates. We work with the accrediting body to help them determine your qualifications equivalency in Australia and work experience for your occupation, our aim will not only approve your skills but also to secure the best possible outcomes from this process to ensure your immigration case stands the highest chance of success later.

Costs and time frames: The application fee is paid directly to the accrediting body relevant to your occupation and is between AUD$450 and AUD$4000. Most accrediting bodies charge an assessment fee of approx AUD$800.

To prepare the case often take a few months as the amount of documentary evidence and detail is often more than our clients are prepared for and we will not file until we are confident we have built the best possible case. The assessing authorities can take 2 to 3 months to publish their decision on your accreditation.

Step 2: Evidence of English Language

While this is not always a mandatory requirement we will assess your case to determine the benefits of sitting this exam and the bast way forward for our clients. If we decide that an English test is in your best interest we can provide guidance on how to prepare for the test and which examining body may be most suitable to you.

Costs: The English exam costs approx AUD$300 or in the UK £160 per person and is paid to the test administrator directly.

Step 3: Lodge an Expression of Interest

Once we have secured your accreditation we file the first stage of your immigration case. This is where our clients formally express an interest in applying for a skilled migration class visa to emigrate. There are several visa streams to select from and depending on the outcome of your skills assessment we will select the best options available for you.

In many cases our clients after consultation elect to for us to submit more than one expression of interest under various visa classes to maximise their opportunities for success. This will be decided at this time, once we know more about your case, hold further supporting documentary which the Immigration authorities will rely upon to assess your case and your accreditation results.

At this stage your application is in a COMPETITIVE pool of similar application with a limited number of places available. It can be compared to applying for a job with "Australia Plc" who will only select the best candidates that best fit their current requirements. The most recent government figures show 17,000 candidates were selected from the UK last year with 40,000 from China in 2017. 

There are currently 30,000 visa application submitted globally each day.

We are proud to have a 99% success rate for our clients.

Cost: There are no further costs at this stage

Step 4: State Nomination Application

Only if we have elect to apply for a state nominated skilled migration visa is this step is required to apply for the nomination of a state government. The regional immigration policy, economic requirements and therefore, available visas in your profession within each state are different as are the application procedures per state. We assist our clients prepare the necessary sponsorship case prior to filing.

Costs and time frames: State government application fees range from NIL to AUD$ 300.

It generally takes us between 1 to 4 weeks to receive a decision on your state nomination application.

Step 5: Visa Application

The fifth step is to apply for your visa.

This is an important step in your case as you would have been selected to emigrate in principle by this stage and you can start looking forward to life in Australia.

We have a few more hurdles to overcome before you can emigrate. We will submit your visa application ensuring it is presented to be compliant with the most up to date immigration policies, we highlight the key merits of your case while mitigating any areas of weakness by preempting the immigration officers concerns and addressing them before they become a reason to delay or worse, reject your case. 

Costs: The visa application fees currently paid to Australian Government are as follows:

  • Primary visa applicant: AUD $ 3,670.00
  • Each additional applicant over 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  1,835.00
  • Each additional applicant under 18 years old (if applicable): AUD $  920.00

An additional fee of AUD$4,890 is payable by each applicant over 18 years old who does not speak intermediate English. This person is then entitled to 500 hours of “free” English classes after arriving in Australia.

Step 6: Medical Exams and Police Certificates

To enter Australia as a migrant everyone must comply with strict health and character requirements.

After you make the visa application you will need to have a medical examination with a local doctor registered with the Australian Embassy. All members of the family must have the exam including in some cases those who are not migrating.

The Department of Immigration will also request that you provide it with a police certificate for each country where you have lived for 12 months over the last ten years. This certificate is obtained from the local police in those countries.

Were a client has a previous conviction or medical history we prepare their case to mitigate the risk to their case. This can often require a great deal of additional supporting documentary evidence filed in the correct manner, each case is unique and therefore, the preparation of these documents will be decided with you, in advance, so you may prepare.

Costs: The medical exam costs about AUD$200 per person and in the UK the fees are on average £350 per person and are paid directly to the Australian Immigration panel doctor and radiographer.

Police records cost: A police certificate depends on the local police authority. The cost of these certificates vary per country - in the UK the cost is £49 and payable directly to the issuing authority.

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How to emigrate to Australia
steps to securing Australian visas

Name: Skilled workers

Description: There are six key steps to securing a visa to emigrate. First evidence you have skills in demand, then file an Expresion of Interest and finally, if you are selected from the pool of similar candidates you can apply for your visa. Places are limited each year and demand is high, out tip is to apply early to avoid disappointment.

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