Emigrate to South Australia

Emigration To South Australia

South Australia is safe, has over 300 days sunshine a year and within 40 minutes from Adelaide, you can be on the beach or in the wine lands that produces some of the finest wines in the world.  An area of Australia both understated and underpopulated in many ways as there is ample space to grow into but even in the centre of their modern towns and cities you never feel crowded out.  The beaches have space to visit but also to spread out for a game of ball or just having a run and maybe a BBQ.

For those who wish to immigrate as a skilled worker, we have listed the latest information on those skills in demand.

Committed to Growing The Population

South Australia’s estimated resident population reached 1.701 million in September 2015, representing an annual average growth rate of 0.7%.  This is below the decade average annual growth rate (1.0% from September 2005 to September 2015, but higher than that of the previous decade (0.5% per annum from September 1995 to September 2005).

Population growth is a result of natural increase (births minus deaths), net interstate migration, and net overseas migration.  Net overseas migration has been the key driver of South Australia's overall population growth rate in recent years - reaching a peak of 18,005 people in the year to June 2009.  In the year to September 2015, net overseas migration contributed 10,255 to total population growth.

South Australia traditionally experiences a net loss to interstate migration.  In the year to September 2015, this amounted to 4,125 people.

South Australia is committed to growing the population to 2 million by 2027.

South Australia State Nomination

1.1 State nomination is provided to meet skills needs of this state and is granted on the basis of the applicant’s genuine interest and commitment to living and working in South Australia for two years from the date of arrival, with a view to long-term settlement.

We help our clients become compliant with each of the criteria laid out by South Australia to secure state sponsorship we must confirm your commitment by:

1.1.1 Demonstrating you have undertaken first-hand, thorough and meaningful research on South Australia and providing reasons for wanting to migrate to South Australia.

1.1.2 Demonstrate how you have undertaken research on job opportunities in South Australia and any occupation licensing or registration requirements.

1.2  On arrival in South Australia on a State Nominated General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa, you are required to:

1.2.1 Register your arrival with Immigration SA

1.2.2 Provide up to date contact details online to Immigration SA for your first two years in South Australia

1.2.3 Complete employment surveys during your first two years in South Australia

1.3 The following commitment to state restrictions apply.

1.3.1 If you are in Australia but not residing in South Australia, you are ineligible to apply for South Australian state nomination.  This restriction includes South Australian international graduates residing interstate and overrides chain migration and high points categories.

1.3.2 If you are residing offshore or in South Australia and you completed your Australian qualification outside South Australia in the last 3 years, you can only apply for the provisional 489 visa unless:

  • At least 6 months of your skilled work experience was undertaken in South Australia (489 or 190 is available)


  • You meet the requirements for Chain Migration (489 or 190 is available).

Skills in demand in South Australia

Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
Chief Executive or Managing DirectorHigh Availability
Corporate General ManagerHigh Availability
Farmers and Farm Managers
Grape GrowerHigh Availability
Beef Cattle FarmerHigh Availability
Mixed Livestock FarmerHigh Availability
Poultry FarmerHigh Availability
Sheep FarmerHigh Availability
Mixed Crop and Livestock FarmerHigh Availability
Specialist Managers
Sales and Marketing ManagerHigh Availability
Corporate Services ManagerHigh Availability
Finance ManagerHigh Availability
Human Resource ManagerHigh Availability
Policy and Planning ManagerHigh Availability
Construction Project ManagerHigh Availability
Project BuilderHigh Availability
Engineering ManagerHigh Availability
Importer or ExporterHigh Availability
WholesalerHigh Availability
ManufacturerHigh Availability
Production Manager (Manufacturing)High Availability
Supply and Distribution ManagerHigh Availability
Child Care Centre ManagerHigh Availability
Medical AdministratorHigh Availability
Nursing Clinical DirectorHigh Availability
Welfare Centre ManagerHigh Availability
Health and Welfare Services ManagersHigh Availability
Chief Information OfficerHigh Availability
ICT Project ManagerHigh Availability
ICT ManagersHigh Availability
Art Administrator or ManagerHigh Availability
Environmental ManagerHigh Availability
Laboratory ManagerHigh Availability
Quality Assurance ManagerHigh Availability
Specialist ManagersHigh Availability
Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
Cafe or Restaurant ManagerMedium Availability
Call or Contact Centre ManagerSpecial Conditions Apply
Customer Service ManagerMedium Availability
Fleet ManagerHigh Availability
Transport Company ManagerHigh Availability
Facilities ManagerHigh Availability
Financial Institution Branch ManagerSpecial Conditions Apply
Equipment Hire ManagerHigh Availability
Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
ICT TrainerHigh Availability
Training and Development ProfessionalMedium Availability
EconomistLow Availability
Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
Ship MasterHigh Availability
Other Spatial ScientistHigh Availability
Fashion DesignerSpecial Conditions Apply
Industrial DesignerMedium Availability
Jewellery DesignerHigh Availability
Wine MakerHigh Availability
Education Professionals
Vocational Education Teacher (Trades)High Availability
Health Professionals
SonographerHigh Availability
Occupational therapistHigh Availability
PhysiotherapistHigh Availability
PodiatristHigh Availability
AudiologistHigh Availability
Speech PathologistHigh Availability
General PractitionerHigh Availability
PsychiatristHigh Availability
Surgeon (General)High Availability
Cardiothoracic SurgeonHigh Availability
NeurosurgeonHigh Availability
Orthopaedic SurgeonHigh Availability
OtorhinolaryngologistHigh Availability
Paediatric SurgeonHigh Availability
Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonHigh Availability
UrologistHigh Availability
Vascular SurgeonHigh Availability
DermatologistHigh Availability
Emergency Medicine SpecialistHigh Availability
Obstetrician and GynaecologistHigh Availability
OphthalmologistHigh Availability
PathologistHigh Availability
Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologistHigh Availability
Radiation OncologistHigh Availability
Medical PractitionersHigh Availability
MidwifeHigh Availability
Nurse PractitionerHigh Availability
Registered Nurse (Aged Care)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Child And Family Health)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Community Health)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Critical Care And Emergency)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Development Disability)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Disability And Rehabilitation)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Medical)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Mental Health)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Perioperative)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Surgical)High Availability
Registered Nurse (Paediatric)High Availability
Registered NurseHigh Availability
ICT Professionals
ICT Business AnalystMedium Availability
Systems AnalystHigh Availability
Multimedia SpecialistHigh Availability
Web DeveloperHigh Availability
Analyst ProgrammerHigh Availability
Developer ProgrammerHigh Availability
Software EngineerHigh Availability
Software TesterSpecial Conditions Apply
Software and Applications ProgrammersHigh Availability
Database AdministratorMedium Availability
ICT Security SpecialistMedium Availability
Systems AdministratorMedium Availability
Computer Network and Systems EngineerMedium Availability
Network AdministratorHigh Availability
Network AnalystHigh Availability
ICT Quality Assurance EngineerHigh Availability
ICT Support EngineerSpecial Conditions Apply
ICT Systems Test EngineerHigh Availability
ICT Support and Test EngineersHigh Availability
Telecommunications EngineerSpecial Conditions Apply
Telecommunications Network EngineerLow Availability
Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
Social WorkerHigh Availability
Welfare WorkerHigh Availability
Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
Electrical Engineering TechnicianHigh Availability
Mechanical Engineering DraftspersonSpecial Conditions Apply
Mechanical Engineering TechnicianSpecial Conditions Apply
Maintenance PlannerMedium Availability
Metallurgical or Materials TechnicianHigh Availability
Building and Engineering TechniciansHigh Availability
Hardware TechnicianHigh Availability
ICT Customer Support OfficerHigh Availability
Web AdministratorHigh Availability
ICT Support TechniciansHigh Availability
Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
Automotive ElectricianHigh Availability
Motor Mechanic (General)High Availability
Diesel Motor MechanicHigh Availability
Motorcycle MechanicHigh Availability
Sheetmetal Trades WorkerHigh Availability
Fitter (General)High Availability
Fitter and TurnerHigh Availability
Fitter-WelderHigh Availability
Metal Machinist (First Class)High Availability
Metal Fitters and MachinistsHigh Availability
LocksmithHigh Availability
PanelbeaterHigh Availability
Vehicle PainterHigh Availability
Construction Trades Workers
BricklayerHigh Availability
StonemasonHigh Availability
GlazierHigh Availability
Solid PlastererHigh Availability
Roof TilerHigh Availability
Wall and Floor TilerHigh Availability
Plumber (General)High Availability
Airconditioning and Mechanical Services PlumberHigh Availability
DrainerHigh Availability
GasfitterHigh Availability
Roof PlumberHigh Availability
Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
Electrician (General)High Availability
Airconditioning and Refrigeration MechanicHigh Availability
Business Machine MechanicHigh Availability
Electronic Equipment Trades WorkerHigh Availability
Food Trades Workers
BakerHigh Availability
Pastry CookMedium Availability
Butcher or Smallgoods MakerHigh Availability
ChefHigh Availability
CookHigh Availability
Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
ShearerHigh Availability
Veterinary NurseHigh Availability
ArboristHigh Availability
Other Technicians & Trades Workers
Dressmaker or TailorHigh Availability
CabinetmakerHigh Availability
JewellerHigh Availability
Wool ClasserHigh Availability
Health & Welfare Support Workers
Enrolled NurseHigh Availability
Community WorkerHigh Availability
Sales Representatives & Agents
Stock and Station AgentHigh Availability

Here are some of the key visas people use to enter South Australia and we are able to assist you find your perfect visa if it is not immediately apparent from the ones we have selected here.

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