Emigration To Australia On A 186 Sponsored Visa

Emigrate To Australia and Remain On A 186 Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme (Sub-class 186) visa is for overseas workers and for migrant workers already residing in Australia on a temporary visa. This is part of permanent employer nomination scheme.

Salient features of this visa classification include

There are 3 alternative options under this subclass if you are in Australia on visa subclass 457 and employed for last 2 years and an employer wants to employ you permanently this visa acts Temporary transitional pathway.  If you have little or no work experience in Australia,this acts as Direct entry pathway.  If you have been nominated by an Australian based employer under labour or regional migration agreement,this subsection acts as agreement pathway. 

This section offers relief in terms of age,skill and English proficiency on basis of nominated trade,remuneration,and employment profile.

In the case there is an absence of employer sponsorship you can file an Expression Of Interest on skill select platform to be identified by prospective employers,provincial authorities for a nomination.

With this visa you will be able  to:

  • reside and seek employment on a permanent basis in Australia  include family members in a visa application
  • Have unrestricted access to education
  • Register in Medicare and avail social security grants
  • File for Australian citizenship after fulfilling permanent residence stipulations
  • Sponsor other people for permanent residency
  • travel in and out of the country for 5 years. 

There are certain prerequisites that you must meet to be eligible for this subclass of visa:

  • You must  be sponsored by a qualified Australian employer
  • under 50 years
  • satisfy stipulations regarding qualifications,skill and language
186 Sponsored Visas
Haskew Law Guide on immigration to Australia

Name:186 residency class

Description:After completing four years in Australia under the old 457 visa a person may be eligible for permanent residency under this visa class. This is now phasing out as the 457 has been abolished.

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